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    Join USMCCommand - Very active and always looking for new members

    **Now in the top 40 and jumping about 5 slots a week** On our way to top 20!

    Join USMCCommand (actively accepting all levels)

    We always have all the market items to help with all Boss, Invasion, and War battles.
    Our alliance can help with strategies and can give guidance on when to use the gold keys.

    Active players will be promoted quickly and are always looking for fresh leadership positions.

    I am on every waking hour especially during Boss battles and can help.

    Friend up by using SHOCKTROOP and my recruit number is MF-32P-P3-7OG
    New members can have their code posted in the message of the day to help get starter rewards

    No commitment join try us out and leave if you don't like it.

    Rock on and battle hard.....
    Shock Troop
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    I'm a level 168 player.

    I don't spend much money on the game being a full-time student, but maybe 10$ once every two to three months.

    I have a quite a few SR. I play every event and usually get around 100,000 - 150,000 points from grinding away.

    My current alliance has only 3 people out of 27 still playing and I would like a more active group to be a part of.. For the last few months, I've been paying for the market items in each event on my own just so I can be sure to get the bonuses. Alliance war is an effort in futility for me sadly.

    Anyways, if you have an active core that is looking for another active member, let me know.

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    Sounds good, we have many active players and I tend to get rid of any inactive player over 75 days (figuring after 75 days they are done and they can always join backup if they decide to start playing again). Join up, if you don't like you can always find another.

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    We are continuing to grow stronger and looking for some active players..... all levels welcome.... will promote.

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    Every week as we gain new members we are able to get further up the rankings. We are currently 45 and moving up fast.... Be a part of a growing and active group.... All levels welcome.

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    Join my great alliance, ranked 126 so far we have 10 very dedicated members
    Alliance level 19 thanks to so many great members donations (never asked them to)
    All are Welcome, no level limit, no Donate limit, just play the game and Help us rise to the top,
    EbolaOutbreakMonkey is always top 300 at worse at best we have made it to top 30 that's with 10 active members!
    We Need More Members! We Need You!
    Join up today!
    Friend me: Ebolamonkey

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    For the last few weeks we have been in the top 50 and getting better every week. We have plenty of openings (over 40 open slots) and I have just promoted a few new members.

    Give us a try.....

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    We have now reached rank 40 and I estimate we will be in top 20 soon..... plenty of slots open for new members. No obligation, give us a try.

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    Join My Level 50 Alliance!!

    My Alliance has the best members and I want you to be a part of it!

    EbolaOutbreakMonkey Is Recruiting Now, we are level 50 so We are looking for Strong players Who would help get it to the top 10

    Currently we have 25 members and ranked 34 Globally! Join us Today and Really Put us on the Map,

    25 Very Dedicated members getting us to rank 34 Is Amazing! Imagine if we had 25 More the Sky Is The limit!

    I'm Ebolamonkey Friend me

    As Leader I Don't Require Donations and I Always Buy Black Market Items

    Any Level Is Welcome Auto Join Is Always On! We Help You Grow As A Player!

    Join Us Now, While we Still Have The Room

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