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Thread: WD points were Reset

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flexter View Post
    Still no reply from CS already send a few tickets are you guys solve this problem before WD end ore just leave it like this and don't give a reply 2 your customer
    The more tickets you send in for the same issue will only delay or might even halt your original ticket. Please keep it all to one ticket. If you feel like it is being overlooked, please contact either Clementine or Relic via pm. They will make sure that your ticket is not overlooked.

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    Pm is send 2 relic hope you are right and it would be solved before wd is Over

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    FYI if you send multiple tickets with different ticket numbers it will get burried.

    However if you reply to the automated reply generated by the initial ticket things usually move faster.
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    But do send a ticket because no action will be taken if you don't.
    You have to constantly monitor if the prizes you won are in your inventory and if made progress is still there, just tapping wouldn't be enough hassle.
    Let's face it, GREE isn't screwing you, this is R_A_P_E

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    From gree and it's mods. it's working as invented.

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