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    Just stop playing rookeye. t500 is very mediocre for free to play. My guild is currently 31/40 members hitting only level 2/3 bosses and not using any gems and we are #170. And for such a minor effort i dont expect to be thrown an epic.

    T1 should be slightly better than 2/3

    And as marco said, no armor for milestones hurts the f2p player who wants to level his eb armor or the kanga player who has no fodder left and a dragonborn to level.
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    It could be looks like a thriate ..
    But give me a game rank 1 has same reward as t3 ..
    That is really wrong, we spend thousand in this game and this always try to treat as sh**
    Gree fix it please otherwise what the point from rank 1 ?
    We don't need 2 dragon
    At least let the old system back
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    Casual players get shafted almost all the time. I think you "hardcore" players can deal with it for one raid boss.

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    I have no issue with the new raid rewards or milestone rewards.

    I'm very very glad to see t10 individual rewards get a Serious upgrade ! And t25 too. Earning those are very very hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangaroeland View Post
    And as marco said, no armor for milestones hurts the f2p player who wants to level his eb armor or the kanga player who has no fodder left and a dragonborn to level.
    OK, I did some comparing to last raid's milestones:

    new raid milestones:

    0 - 1.15M

    armors: 74 EP earth/air, 90 EP spirit/air, 720 EP FBA air (884 total)
    silver keys: 23
    gold keys: 3
    fusion stones: 50 (potentially 2500 EP)
    energy: 16
    gems: 33

    1.15M - 3.25M
    armors: 1800 EP FBA air
    gold key: 20
    gems: 20

    previous raid milestones:

    0 - 1.075M

    armors: 720 EP water/fire, 950 EP fire/earth, 90 EP fire/earth (1760 total)
    silver keys: -
    gold keys: 12
    fusion stones: 1
    energy: 4
    gems: 18

    1.075M - 3M

    armors: 400 EP fire/earth, 450 EP fire/earth (850 total)
    gold keys: 5
    fusion stones: 4
    gems: -

    ************************************************** ***********
    difference 0 - ~1M:
    -876 EP in armors (and large chunk mono instead of dual)
    +23 silver keys
    -9 gold keys
    +49 fusion stones (+2450 _potential_ EP)
    +15 gems (!)
    +12 or +8 energy (!) (for me, the first fight that collected 4 + 4 energy, only credited 8 to my balance on one account and 4 on the other two)

    difference 0 - ~3M:
    +74 EP in armors (but large chunk mono instead of dual)
    +23 silver keys
    +6 gold keys
    +45 fusion stones (+2250 _potential_ EP)
    +35 gems (!)
    +12 or +8 energy

    The extra energy at the milestones inflates nearly everybody's scores by about 560k or 840k (depending on if it glitched to your disadvantage)
    when hitting level 2 raid bosses with recent EB+ and maybe an epic.

    So breakeven on the armors a bit before hitting 3M, a bit after if you don't have matching armors to use the FBA on.
    There's plenty extra potential EP in the fusion stones, but if like me, you have lag/delay on finishing crafting and on fusing, that doesn't help much... (got 10-15 sec delay per finished crafting armor and similar before picking each armor to fuse. )
    The extra gems are very nice, but Gree should really check their code to make sure "collecting more than 1 milestone in 1 fight" always goes right.

    About top vs rest:

    Google Play Store should really ditch the silly "lifetime of the game" download numbers, since they don't really reflect the true popularity of a game... 5-10 million installs on Android, yet:

    scoring zero or more points in the raid: 49K players
    So the up to 2000 players in the top 50 guilds are actually a sizable up to 4% of raid participants...

    Epic boss completion of my 3 account as of about an hour ago:
    lvl 6: rank ~50k
    lvl 24: rank ~18k
    lvl 34: rank ~11k

    Looks like probably no more than 60-70k players have logged in on Android in the past few days... (3 of them being me)
    Android: GM of casual guild Macross (former Majestic member), mostly farming screenshots for the wiki now.
    Line-ID: marco-knd
    Still usable epics: Forgestone+/Ravage/Necro/Druid, Specter/Komodo
    if "boss fight is close" then "insert miss at the last moment" end
    Topic containing the all important armor etc. spreadsheet:

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    After it was all said and done, there was too many silver keys. I lost a lot of armor to boost from and the keys were not giving me other armors. The gold to fusion stone ratio seems too high. Cant get the gold fast enough to use all my 400+ fusion stones. Hopefully the raid rewards get another revamp to include less Stones and Silver Keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regretz View Post
    Again tho it doesnt matter if RA is upset. Their fault for spending so much to be t1 all the time. If they step down and stop spending, others will step up to take their spot. There will be no decrease in profits for Gree. For all of u siding with RA, u know their r 50x the people that dislike RA and would happily spend more to see their gems pay off in wars for a change. Sucks but its the truth. So now comes the realization that ur gonna get wat Gree decides u get, which may not be exactly wat u want.
    This is not necessarily true. If the top guild spends 150,000 gems for first place and for whatever reason they stop, the next guild isn't going to spend that much...... the top ten guilds will spend less. This might encourage other guilds to push for t10 but that's bottom of the top 10 money........ nothing about this seems like sure profits. If anything what Gree is doing looks like desperation. Trying to bleed this game for what they can before they pull the plug.

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    New T25 is the Old TT
    I figured since they were offering all these keys for Milestones that the chests were going to be revamped...well I waited and nothing came...So I opened them and got more 1 & 2 star jewelry that I don't need. I forget the exact number, but it was something like 80 some keys total and I got about 50 some odd jewelry and the rest was either 1 or 2 star armor. There already is a jewelry chest, why keep this crap in the armor chests?

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    UP Tide, this is the worst time to buy into those chests anyway.

    I mean, what can u find in them that will prepare you to deal with the new 6-star armor?
    1 mono Dragonforge.
    That's it.

    Even if a mono would be considered as 'valuable enough', the chance toget exactly this one out of a chest must be somewhere at 1 : 1,000.

    If you'd deal with money like that in your job, you'd be fired.

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