again half my team locked out for last battle but not til half way threw it. as many the last war is a time to push for rank all other goals were met and we were set for an easy top 75 finish. everyone was logged on dumped a 100m had 3 nodes and refilled everyone just waiting on last ten minute rush to dump and take last two nodes and with 6k in deploys holding(thanks to gold use) should of been a stellar ending to an ok fl.. but wait no gree apparently cant keep its servers up we start to deploy and they just wont deploy they go back into inventory players redeply over nad over til game kicks them saying cant connect to server. then they try to get back in hoping to drop at least half of the deploy THEY BOUGHT.. and no luck. seriously??? we will be lucky for a top 100 spot now. this is second fl in a row .. WHY GREE WHY CANY YOU GET IT RIGHT