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    Nice! very lucky with only opening 11! Good job.
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    Great points that all of gree Knights & Dragons fans are complaining about! Way to go on your post. Now if Gree will listen.
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    I have stopped participating in heroic mode as well. I spend enough money on fighting don't need to spend more on a chance to try & build an epic.
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    Is clementine gonna reply pms?

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    I HAVE AN IDEA... I was thinking that every player in this amazing game uses GEMS all the time, but not every player can spend money on games because of different reasons. So I thought that a new building should be added into the game content. This building would be some sort of mine in which players would spend 25-50 gems to buy for the first installment and then 30 gems and forward for the levels. This mine building would make about 2-5 gems every day depending on the level. I think this is a great idea because it would help out every single player in this game very much. Please leave what you think about this and or other ideas that you have to add to this. If u like please help me get this to Gree to get this in the game. Thanks so much.

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    Since the Epic Boss is dropping pieces to craft Epic armors now, EB milestone rewards should be upgraded. Instead of matching element uncommons, we should get the same number of matching element rares. In place of matching element rares in the upper levels, we should get same number of super rares, etc. This will make it seem like maxing the new armor every week less of a daunting task.
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