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    Yeahhhh its gonna be nice

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    Bring back the free gems plz. It helped out so much noobs like me.

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    This is a great game but has many issues. One the heroic mode is to short. Two most players never get a real chance to receive any good armors from the chance chest. They should increase the chance for good armors on all chests. Three combination of armors should be shown and have higher chances of great combining.

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    :3 make it that HERIOC mode is 14 days or 11 days PLS

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    good to see gree, giving back the power to the players.

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    Hola me gustaría aportar mi granito de arena para hacer el juego mas atractivo. Estaría bien que el nivel del jugador diera un bonus de vida y de defensa, así la gente se preocuparía en subir el nivel del jugador ya que hay gente que cuando lo sube al nivel 100 ya no se preocupa mas en subirlo. Y así seria mas atractivo porque uno con una armadura peor pero con mas nivel de jugador podría ganar a uno que tiene una armadura mas buena pero con menos nivel. De esta manera también se beneficiaria a la gente que lleva mucho tiempo jugando.
    Un saludo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco_ View Post
    Trade a whole bunch of 1*, 2*, 3* _dual element_ fodder over the whole range of milestones for monos later on. I don't feel like adding up the numbers right now, but I kind of doubt that even if you happen to have an air armor that needs maxing, total EP from the boosts will exeed that of the duals before the 2 or 3 mil mark...
    The Gold Keys you get gives you a chance for gems,different kinds of fusion boost armors or 1*,2*' Also thanks to the huge amount of energy you get for the beggining milistones its easier for people to reached 2mil+ on the milestones. It also helps the guild rewards since they get better the more points you get.

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    When does voting start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Katarn View Post
    When does voting start?
    From what Clementine said, it starts tomorrow.
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    GREE needs to choose the top 10, so of course they need time to prepare the voting.

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    Yes they will need to. Some of the submissions for the Dragonforged designing were pretty decent although there were more than 10 that were pretty decent. I hope that the top 10 I had in mind would make it into the top 10!
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    XD :/
    Ha that's cool.
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    Well... what can you change... Put back french language in the game ? ( Sorry for my bad english, i'll do my best ^^ )

    Make the heroic mode longer. In 7 days my best performance is 14 Crystal, sometimes the game give me only 1 segment every 7 or 8 attacks...
    Bring back the free gems by looking video ( does not work since 2 month )
    Give more chance to get epic armor when we make legendary armor combine...

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    My armor was rejected. Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Sandelis View Post
    My armor was rejected. Why?
    Everyone had a fair chance, sorry yours didn't make it. Best of luck next time.

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