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    April Is Player Appreciation Month in Knights & Dragons!

    April is Player Appreciation Month In Knights & Dragons

    PLAYER APPRECIATION MONTH IS BACK AND BIGGER THAN BEFORE! As a way of saying thank you for being a part of the Knights & Dragons community, we have teamed up with the Game Developers to bring you another month filled with fun contests, events, and free goodies! This includes:

    • Design an Epic Boss Contest - Details Coming Soon!
    • Design an Armor Contest - Details Coming Soon!
    • Developer Ask Me Anything - Join us April 15th at 2PM PDT!
    • Free Goodies - Login in daily throughout April for a chance at free stuff!
    • Improved Daily Login Rewards

    Check this thread often for the most recent news and updates on what is coming up!

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    Yay....... maybe I'll get another cape.

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    I might be making the Epic Boss for the Create an Epic Boss Contest coming soon!

    I'll make 15 different bosses, and use the top 3 (the ones that fit the contest element).

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    My daily dose of salt, predicting: the contests will be easily won by alliance members again, just like anything else in the game.

    Apart from that, looking forward to 1010 gold (instead of 1000 once a week)! ;-)

    Anyway, nice to have it back. Hopefully Gree will manage it to make players happy again. Step #1 : double or better triple Heroic mode length if you want people to enjoy it. For the reasons stated hundreds of times by a large majority of your customers. That some 'alliance' members equipped with tons of latest armor (people who don't need this inferior armor anyway) or even a few GM's can make it within your timeframe doesn't mean anything at all.

    cheers, r
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    I think this is an April Fools joke, hahaha u got us good Gree!

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    No joke. It is this month.

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    That's hat they always say when the Epic Boss right now is giving away CRAFTABLE EPIC ARMOR

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    hahaha...useless for players
    Epic's are just crap now.
    Heroic Mode is too short.
    Raid timer is still behind Fight and "use gems" buttons.
    and what we get...few gems and contest?...really?
    Anything for adults?

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    Gree's Customer Service Sucks

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    i hope we get better stuff... and maybe multiple takes for design contests? cuz the one person thing.......idk

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    New T25 is the Old TT
    Yay a repeat of December...

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    Could you guys include a trading armor system for guild members only an example would be like: legendary for legendary and epic for epic etc..

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    How about giving armor two people with in your guild or encyclopedia about the combinations of armor you have crafted or encyclopedia.

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    when it comes to Guild donations how about increasing the number of fusion how much we get

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    im all in

    Im all in for this i love this game

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    Hi all,

    Yes it is a very cool game but I gotta agree, the heroic timer is simply crazy short specially if u can not save the shards over( and why is this not possible Lol) it might take longer to get it this way but still a carrot on a stick is better then having no chance in hell even with having four star armours many friend helping out. There simply is no sufficient time.

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