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Thread: Cannot connect to Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grego29 View Post
    Ditto here. My nbr 2 account would not load so I tried to access it with my main account and now both accounts are locked out. Cannot connect. Need access to the internet. This all happened 3 hours after relic posted that the issue was resolved and closed the thread.
    Hey Relic,

    Could you please close/lock a few more threads pertaining to issues THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RESOLVED?

    Thanks in advance

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    I am sure GREEs way of fixing will be add more days to wd to generate more revenue of gold.

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    It is almost 7pm PST, San Francisco offices are closed and probably ALL gree employees gone for the weekend

    Thus all of us that are locked out of the game will get to enjoy real life for a weekend ( and longer due to greedy' resolving time )

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    Both of my accounts are locked out so I am going to enjoy a relaxed weekend :-)

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    My account is locked out also. iOS and android.
    Many on my team as well


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    I now have 7 ppl locked out in my faction...

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    This is very odd. I wonder what is causing these anomalies with great regularity?
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    Looks like I will spend some time in Gree purgatory as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEWIN NUTTIN View Post
    This is very odd. I wonder what is causing these anomalies with great regularity?


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    Quote Originally Posted by kguittar View Post
    Can you do this with the free version? How do i find this "memory clear function"
    Pretty sure i have free version. There is a refresh icon top left of the memory tab.
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    I'm still getting notifications! Lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownfox11 View Post
    New problem started about 8 hours ago. Game worked fine, changed accounts and boom...

    Tried reset, deleted game and reinstall several times, even did network reset, all to no avail. Same happened on my iPhone. Go in normal is fine, but the moment I tried to link to another account I cannot go back in.

    I'm stuck and now cannot get into MW on iPad or iPhone so cannot open support case even! Anyone else with same issue in last few hours?
    Same problem here. I was doing a map goal mission and got a new server error message I had never seen and it locked up. When I restarted I got the "must be connected to the Internet" error and he ent been able to get back on since.
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    Hi All,

    We're actively trying to address the issues for the players who cannot login. If you submitted a ticket that included your Invite Code, it has been passed on to our engineers so they can reproduce the problem. If you haven't submitted a ticket and wish to, please make sure you include your invite code(s).

    I'll try to provide an update once one is available.

    Update: We're able to reproduce the issue. Still trying to diagnose.

    Thank you,
    Last edited by ToyMaker; 03-13-2015 at 10:04 PM.

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    Having the same issues for the last 3 hours. Yet in the Forum they posted that the issues are fixed???
    Quote Originally Posted by Kefa View Post
    Me, too, now. Can't open the game for the past hour, on my iPhone 6, iPad 2, and iPad mini, all the same message, "Cannot Reach Server"

    Relic and Gree, your server is having login issues. It's not device specific, it's not even platform specific. It's at your end. Check my internet? Hmm, I'm posting HERE, using the same internet connection?

    Force closed the app, still no luck.

    Powered down the devices, reboot, still no luck.

    Won't open.

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    This is ridiculous and very frustrating! Can't help my faction. Just bought a vault and can't use it. But get notified every time someone comes and takes my money. Guess it time to officially retire!

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