Hello, my ticket number is 2251951. I have been NON stop trying to get GREE to resolve my issue and it's been a FULL MONTH now. I have contacted them through email, and multiple tickets.

Next is posting here.

This is extremely poor customer service. When I first contacted then I was polite, and understandable. Because I know GREE gets bombarded with tickets regularly. Then they said they would fix my account when I gave the word. I gave them the go ahead and it's been multiple weeks now with no progress.

I've been patient, but I've lost my patients now. This is ridiculous. I've seen countless times where my ticket had activity "27 minutes ago" etc. and they ignore it. Look at it, and ignore it.

Please resolve my issue. I cannot access ANY of my accounts from my phone until you do. 4 weeks is a little overboard.

Username: Sandwichking
Ticket number (original): 2251951