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Thread: Kingdom Age Weekly Feedback (3/10/15)

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    1) another PvP event please -, but no 24 hour buildings
    2) maybe kill the trials for one round - they are starting to get monotonous .
    3) a nice guild LTQ with a permanent boost I think would be welcomed
    4)better items to craft :
    5) if you are going to over lap events ( ie: EB and box) make sure the boxes and box drops are removed from the EB rewards when the box event ends . - I think I got 3 bats after the event had ended

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    the chest rewards for raid boss are old and offered inferior equip. dont think about increasing difficulty if you dont give us stronger equip for completing quests
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    The scratchers are now out of date, and need to be updated. A guild mate of mine just got 5 of a kind, and got a unit that wasn't as good as a Legendary unit in this last Raid Boss.
    While you're at it, how about adding in the chance to win some equipment. Especially Head and Foot gear and Artifacts? You might even get some peeps to buy some scratchers again.
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    Hello GREE?! Where is the new weekly feedback thread? Your response to this thread was great, so we would like a new one for this week.


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    And we don't want to battle more than 3 days.... So please I've us a head up about the length of the upcoming battle - ingame it says 4 days - I hope this is a mistake!

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    I think some serious stat inflation is in order.

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    I agree with the above; why bother? Gree can't even respond in the normal threads. Why did GREE alter the war from three to four days, without informing anyone and just a few hours before war started? I'm just holding my breath for feedback on that one-not!

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    Well, this feedback idea lasted a total of three weeks -_-

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    This 4 day war sucks. Not as much as the 6 day war (which if you try that again, expect a boycott), but it sucks nonetheless.

    Stick with 3 day wars. People have jobs. We don't want to be glued to our ipads for 4 full days. Stop being so F'ing greedy and trying to extend war to increase gem sales.

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