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    A New Update Coming Soon?

    Just a quick request/question.

    Can we get a sneak peek of the update? (Like many other successful games do, make us anticipate it), get an idea of when its coming out? Or even just out of the number of requests we made, how many will be added? Or even! Drop a teaser update! I know this is crazy, but I'm really starting to loose interest in this game. Same units from gold chests, same events every week, same frustration every single day! Make me and many others want to continue playing. Especially if the update changes anything with the keys! Hopefully I'm not the only one.

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    please just throw us some sort of bone of flash page on something......im getting fairly concerned as we are now booting non active players that used to be very active, but no war means no dollars and no dollars means thing are bleak in here, we don't want to see the word "SOON" but ballpark a time or date or something, we are all struggling to understand why there has been nothing in terms of wars of late ?? or a new Quest new Boss New Invasion , New something...anything, but not new units

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    This game is on it's death bed!

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    +1 what is the meanig of common, uncommon, who use it that ? Delete that units and i really boring epic units please delete all epic. İf continue like that game kill itself

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    We'll work on getting you some sneak peeks sooner. Apologies for the lack of response in the forums.

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    When are the new missions coming out? Seems like absolute age since the last new missions came out.

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    And can we please get a new campaign that doesn't have a level 40-50 Orontes. It is getting old facing that thing.

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