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    Crime City Weekly Feedback (3/3/15)

    Hello Crime City Community!

    This thread is for you to post your valuable feedback on Crime City. Every Tuesday we will sticky a new weekly feedback thread so you can conveniently post your opinions on the game. This thread will not only give you an easily accessible place to share your thoughts with us, but it will also consolidate your feedback making it more efficient for Community staff to gather and report to the Development Team.

    The intention of the thread is to collect the ongoing thoughts from our customers, it is not meant for discussion.

    When providing feedback, please keep it constructive, on-topic, non-inflammatory, and break it down into the following categories:

    In-Game Events
    Customer Support
    Community Support
    Game Stability & Issues

    Please note that this thread is not a substitution for reporting bugs and issues to Customer Support.

    Thank you,

    The GREE Community Team

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    in game events - nice to see the SA & war are shorter
    - what is happening with the boss raid? is boss health going to change at all? (last boss raid was a joke)
    - when will you change war prizes so that we can battle for 7 days and actually see our stats move up (7 day war for little gain)

    Customer support - I actually had an issue, sent a ticket in and was solved within 2 days, so great work there

    community support - maybe you guys need to start checking in here more and posting ideas of some of the changes and why they were made. those AMA you have are no good as nothing is ever answered. the main concern we all have is the war prizes and how they are duplicated over and over again. maybe launch prizes with no mods, but just a bit higher stat value, like you did in the SLTQ.

    game Stability - the lag on SA is still terrible not sure why it still can't be fixed.

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    As long as it's relevant, i'm just gonna copy-paste Weasel's post from the first feedback.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weasel
    Epic Boss: no current complaints aside from the fact the Crime City event planner/product manager forgot to include one this cycle.

    Raid Boss: 4 days is too short. 5 days is more convenient given that this event usually runs during weekdays while most people have other obligations that take priority over stupid phone games. 8 billion health for the level 100 boss is borderline unreasonable. Scaling it back to 7 billion would be a happy medium.

    Battle For Empire City: Health regeneration takes a long time given the amount of health required to engage in a single attack. Rather than alter the rate of regeneration, maybe it would be reasonable to reassess the amount of health required per attack.

    Reward quality is declining. First stats were reduced, then mods removed, and now entire ranks all together. There has been a very clear diminishing return on time and mental capacity dedicated to this game. There is only one path down which this type of reward scheme can lead Gree, and let's just say in involves resumes.

    Duration has become an issue. 73 hours is acceptable to most and has been for almost two years. The introduction of 24-hour wars was met with derision. The first ever war lasted 5 days and there was a flood of complaints THEN that 5 days was too long. And what really makes one shake their head is the fact that all of these decisions have been repeated in almost every Gree game, regardless of how clear it was the changes were not liked by a majority.

    Street Assault: One single change would make this event the most exciting event on the entire schedule; allow extra Unit deployments to be purchased with in game cash. This would create a huge need and desire to accumulate in game cash, which would cause a domino effect of players upgrading their hoods, leading to better buildings to rob in a greater number of hoods, resulting in an increased interest in the stats required to engage or defend in robberies.

    Box events (collect 10 & leaderboard): Junk. Increasing the amount of distance between your product(s) and anything "komou gacha" is a step in the right direction.

    LTQs: Another case of diminishing return, accompanied by a side of "impossible to complete even the basic, 'normal' levels, without being required to use premium currency." The elite levels could understandably be reserved for those using premium currency, but there is no reason why the average, 3 energy a minute player, can't play the game without paying for basics.

    SLTQs: Yet another event where the quality of rewards has steadily declined. It was one (widely disliked) thing to make it so the modifier from the final item did not stack with the modifier obtained by purchasing the prize with game cash. It was entirely comething else to completely remove the option to purchase items with game cash. There needs to be so much use for game cash that no player can ever have enough of it... Unless they buy it.

    LTBs: Odd payout times are inconvenient for those who love the game but don't have unlimited amounts of time to dedicate towards it. Great for robberies, but not ideal for many players who upgrade their hoods, thereby becoming more likely targets of robbery.

    After starting a new account that basically has to ignore LTBs for lack of cash, I no longer believe the current LTBs are underpriced. That being said, it is long overdue that we have two LTBs per cycle. One to keep new players engaged and a second to enable veteran players to grow. Without offering two LTBs Gree automatically alienates one customer base, and in the current format, it's the customer base in which Gree should be most interested that is being excluded.

    Every time I've had an issue requiring a customer support ticket I've either had to play email tag with a copy/paste bot for weeks, or been forwarded directly to the person who knows the least they could possibly know about anything even remotely related to the issue I was experiencing.

    Haven't bothered in "I don't know how long" as a result.

    Almost half decent, at best. "Electing" community mods was without purpose and will forever lack purpose. In the event that someone from Gree actually takes the time to address the community, which is sometime between every other blue moon, they are always vague and evasive (and at times apparently very thin skinned).

    The most recent example of this extremely vague and evasive attitude is the "announcement" about accomplices, or the pending status thereof. The attempt at communication is a much appreciated gesture, but there is an ancient saying that goes, "if you're going to half-ass it, don't even bother." Er.. Maybe that was, "if you've got a job to do, do it well, or don't do it at all." Either way, telling only half the story can in many cases, this one for example, lead to further confusion than is necessary. Telling us the status of accomplices is pending until further notice without even a suggestion that anyone at Gree has a good idea of where they're going makes people nervous. Not just for the fact that what we've played towards winning is suddenly in limbo, but also for the fact that the people running the game we all enjoy, for whatever mental reason, appear to be directionless. It creates a sense of instability that would be avoided if we received full disclosure or no disclosure.

    Stability: No crashes for quite a while now.

    Issues: (Map) Job rewards shown are different than rewards received, and have been for years. Every job selected displays the energy required to do the job, an amount (range) of cash, a loot bag (if applicable), and an amount of XP. When a job requires only 1 hit to complete, any or all of the displayed rewards should reasonably be expected, although where there is only a "chance" of a loot drop, that fact really should be indicated.

    More importantly, when a job requires multiple hits the only advertised reward that is awarded at every step is XP. The only time any cash or possibly loot drops is upon completion of a job, while XP is reluctantly earned every step of the way. If there is only a "chance of" the other rewards being received, this needs to be indicated. Otherwise, every reward displayed should be awarded at every step for which it is shown.

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    Know what? No matter how hard you hammer this game for short term gains, it will prevail.

    Building your hood takes years, and no one that's spent years building their hood wants to be weak.

    That's your hook, and it's a good one.

    Use it.

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    Is gree gonna change from 32bit to 64bit as apple policy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nighteg View Post
    As long as it's relevant, i'm just gonna copy-paste Weasel's post from the first feedback.
    Another thing. "Enemy mafia size reduction" modifiers are not working. No rival should ever use more than 500 mafia when defending and most if not all my rivals currently do.

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    in your dreams
    Is GREE going to be ready for the American time change this weekend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vile Lynn View Post
    Is GREE going to be ready for the American time change this weekend?
    The announcement can be found in game, menu > more > help > announcements.

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    1) LtQ' s still a collosal waste of time except that you need the Uzis . What happened to the SLTQ's ?? At least my syndicate could finish that
    2) raid boss was insane - 2 or 3 events ago , we finished the raid boss , I guess gree didn't like it that a team out if the top 150 finished an event .
    3) rivals list seems to have changed - I am seeing many more players over level 250 ( I'm 234) , and many more twice my strength .

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    my feedback is the same, except ill add that this thread does absolutely nothing!

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    The funny thing is that people ask questions in this thread, while it is very clear that it is FEEDBACK ONLY. That means that you can give your opinion on things and might even do suggestions, but it is not an AMA.

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    Deputy Donuts was a great LTB... I love the 12hr collection time... thanks Gree!

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    I liked the free gold given during the 7-day war and think it should be rolled out into other events with a more generous quantity. How about gold from daily scratchers? Or gold on top of prizes for completing easy, normal, and elite Raid Boss levels? Or even gifting free gold to all syndicate members when someone buys a bundle pack?

    Engaging in a little charity will pay dividends in the end by rewarding your customer base with something that is very expensive to acquire today.

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    I think an ltb bought and upgraded with cc cash that pays gold would be nice.

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    How about addressing an issue that has existed since the game update with the introduction of accomplices, ie, that negative mafia modifiers appear to be added onto your rival's mob instead of being taken away. To add insult to injury the rival gets a small stat boost from the false strength increase. I have a -3 mafia mod; note the impact on the other guy's mob size and stats.

    If this player's stats had not been falsely boosted I should have won this robbery. Please fix ASAP.
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