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    Cool Knights & Dragons Weekly Feedback (2/24/15)

    Hello Knights & Dragons Community!

    This thread is for you to post your valuable feedback on Knights & Dragons. Every Tuesday we will sticky a new weekly feedback thread so you can conveniently post your opinions on the game. This thread will not only give you an easily accessible place to share your thoughts with us, but it will also consolidate your feedback making it more efficient for Community staff to gather and report to the Development Team.

    When providing feedback, please keep it constructive, on-topic, non-inflammatory, and break it down into the following categories:

    In-Game Events
    Customer Support
    Community Support
    Game Stability & Issues

    Please note that this thread is not a substitution for reporting bugs and issues to Customer Support.

    Thank you,

    The GREE Community Team

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    Well i guess i'll start my feedback with

    • In-Game Events

    There've been news among beta testers saying that after the new update, an epic + epic fusion now resulting another epic. I don't quite know if gree made it that you can get only epic by fusing 2 epics or the chances are slightly higher but done mine 6 times and got me 6 epics. No official confirmation yet

    • Game Stability & Issues

    After the new updates my game tend to freeze for 30 - 90 seconds while starting and longer when i'm trying to open my friends menu. I don't quite know if the cause is from my device or the game. So if anyone experiencing the same problem as mine, glad if you guys could share your feedback.

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    F2P, P2P, mixed Alliance Review.

    Here we go again
    Quick update from my side involving views from all major alliances and F2P as well as P2P suggestions.

    Guild Wars:
    Epic War Rewards:
    Let's start with the most essential point for me. The Epic War rewards. We are yet again expecting an Epic War this weekend. A Top 10 run for those is usually anything from 1200-1600 Gems by common expectations of our evil alliance-based Top 10 guilds. I know that some wars are cheap, but let's use this number for further reference. I now have the choice to spend these, say 1400, golden middle, Gems for an Epic during an Epic War or a Raid War.
    Let's quickly compare two aspects we should respect with these so different types of Wars, Gameplay and Reward.

    I) Gameplay duration: Quick numbers, let's assume a range of 50-60 Attacks per hour in a raid and a number range of (non-strip) 100-120k in a War. For Wars I will use an average of 650 points, trying to simulate a mix of GM and HC farming at best possible outcome (max points).
    Gems per Hour:
    War: 380 - 460
    Raid: 120 - 150
    We can already see that the raid is much more time consuming. I personally think that this is good. However, why would I, if I actually want to play the game, now choose an Epic War over a Raid War? We are taking about 200 - 240 Minutes to score 400K in an Epic war compared to approximately 600 - 720 Minutes to score 20/22 Million in a Raid (choosing recent Minimums my own guild has used). If I am out for gameplay, will I want to spend my gems in an Epic War or a Raid? - A Raid. This direct comparison does make the Raid look a lot more attractive to me as a player, of which ever nature, than an Epic War.

    II) Reward for my actual effort: As if the gameplay duration wasn't enough, GREE has managed to make Epic Wars seem less attractive on a way more impacting and important level for many: The rewards. Let's quickly compare, in a Sandwich-style, the last 3 Rewards, Raid - Epic War - Raid.
    With GREE's old trends, we would expect a steady increase, say 4000, 4050, 4100 combined stats. Let's look at the Angelic Battlemail, the Explorer's Piecemail and the Dead Pirate Finery. These are the last three rewards. Angelic is here included to make sure no claims of "the Pirate is newer than the Explorer, of course it is better" arise.
    Dead-pirate Finery 2085 Attack / 2328 Defence = 4413
    Explorer's Piecemail 2216 Attack / 2056 Defence = 4272
    Angelic Battlemail 2232 Attack / 2170 Defence = 4404

    The trend is clear. And to check this trend, all we need to do is take a further look at any compiled list of past Epic War/Raid War rewards, such as the KnD Wikia: http://knights-and-dragons.wikia.com/wiki/Epic_Armor
    I am sure the link isn't needed, but check for yourself - Raid Armor are, since a while, way better than an Epic War-Epic. This almost means that someone that has a Raid-Epic of the Element Fire/Earth (Centauric Battlegear) can skip the Explorer's Piecemail because his armor is, despite being 6 weeks(?) older, STILL BETTER. Come on GREE. This isn't fair and I hope you are aware of it. Please adjust the Epic War-Epics to match the Raid Epics so that they are on par for the SAME gems we spend for them (In fact Epic Wars are usually more gem-intensive, but let's not get into this).

    Epic War Milestones:
    The next Issue with the Epic Wars are the general rewards. With the Raids, you have successfully introduced an adequate milestone-system. Almost 9 Months after the initial Raid release (correct me if wrong) of 7.6.2014, we are yet to see this (which is very easy) implemented into the Epic Wars. Why not give us small rewards, like fusion fodder, keys and whatnot during Epic Wars? Some easy point milestones for all levels would be: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 500K, 1 Million. Note that they would have to be increases on a better basis than the raid ones, as it is easier to separate 13 Million than it is to split up 1 Million. This is something many players, free to play and pay to play, would love to see. Obviously this model is an idea, feel free to play and adjust as you wish. I believe everything before the 200K (So meaning including 100K) is a free to play possible score for 3 day wars (here the call for 48 hour wars again - Please decrease the time for Epic Wars! There is no point at all, not even a financial one!).
    It is very easy for you to develop such a system, please try to implement it.

    The Lost Blitz Wars:
    I understand that you are testing different war schedules. However, the players are really starting to miss these Blitz wars. Many loved the midweek Fusion fighters as Wars are a lot of fun if you communicate well with your guild. I have heard out for some different proposals from players:
    I) Bring Midweek Fusion Fighter Blitz Wars back.
    II) Rework the Blitz Wars to include a mix of Fusion Boosters and R&A Boosters.
    III) Have a free to play event. I know this will technically harm income, but so will not having Blitzes at all.

    These are three quick suggestions which can easily be implemented.

    Overall I must say I am a bit disappointed with the way the Guild-Wars have been going in general. Let's bring up a few points to show why:
    - Epic War rewards worse than Raids
    - Raids offer better all around rewards due to milestones which Epic Wars lack
    - A R&A Chest is now implemented since some time, why can't we earn keys to this Chest in Wars?
    - 4 Big Events a month since quite some time are getting very expensive
    - 72 Hour Wars are too long!

    However I must say that since 2 or 3 Raids they are finally Bug-free. Thank you for improving this.

    Armor Related Stuff:
    Armor Slots:
    Again, please change the way the Armor Slots work. Last week's suggestions were:
    I) Each armor type (given same level) stacks, e.g. Having 15 Moontide Platemails on Level 1 takes up 1 spot, not 15
    II) Add 1 Armor Slot PER LEVEL

    Bulk Fusion:
    Bulk Fusion is a very nice concept. It would very well fall in Place if Armor-Types stacked. Simple concept of Bulk Fusion is to implement a button to 'select X' for Fusion, so you could for example fuse 32 Basic Fire and 32 Basic Earth armor in one go, instead of doing this process 32 times. This is just simple optimization.

    Less R&A-Sub-Levels for Fusion:
    This is especially terrible for the F2P players out there having to fuse themselves through over 8 Tiers of Silver-Star Amulets/Rings. Please Reduce this to 3 or 4, you can do this without impacting on how many types there are by simply going by visuals, not name-type (If you understand what I mean?).

    Other Stuff:
    Ingame chat function:
    Let's be blunt. The Guild-Chat is a joke. It is not usable at all. Too often is it disturbed by whatever disturbs it and it shouldn't open a new window when typing. Especially during Raids that costs a lot of valuable Time. A nice revamp of the Chat function would be nice!

    R&A for Money:
    When guilds were introduced, everyone was starved for money, trying to max their guilds. Now, 18 months into Guilds, people have little need for Money. I remember maxing 3 sets of Jian+ just to get rid of some money. Someone suggested: Why not make R&A Accessible for Free to Play players using large chunks of Money.
    An Example given was 15M - 4* Ring/Amulet. If the Amount is high Enough I can see this working very well. Would also be cool if you could buy yourself fodder, say 1 Million giving 10, or 15 of the Bronze/Silver Star equipment to level up some Bling without having to buy Chests. This is, again, optimization only.

    This was my rather quick update for this week. I will keep compiling things that pop up to essentially be heard sooner or later.
    I hope you enjoyed this purely game-based feedback.

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    I have noticed that revenge battles have returned to my device, It has been many months since I saw this feature and it is nice to have it back. I have noticed one glitch though and that is that some of the revenge battles will show the knights main armor as a recent epic but once you enter the battle there is only one knight present and all he is wearing is basic fire armor. This is not really game breaking and does not upset me but it does kind of feel cheap to win this way. I only fight those revenge fights to give myself a little challenge in the arena where you get fed easy wins until you get close to around a 9 win streak. Being able to fight in revenge battles against stronger opponents makes the game slightly less dull

    Hopefully this small glitch can be rectified to provide a little more polish to the game.

    A suggestion following on from this to make the arena less dull (it could use a little revamp to make it interesting again) My suggestion is the option to always be able to fight stronger players. This could be done by having a separate panel which shows a list of 5 stronger players. I can see how this would be possible because the game already ups the difficulty of your opponents as your win streak gets higher. This could give players a chance to test their stronger armors in a random battle rather than in a guild war/raid where you already know the opponents armor set and all wins are practically guaranteed. The benefits for this option could be more points or maybe a better tiered reward system for getting win streaks in this stronger fighting class (the overall placement rewards and milestone rewards for overall points stay the same)

    Epic Chests

    It has been over 2 months since any new armor has been released in epic chests that is remotely interesting. We are still seeing new mono epics that are weaker than the heroic + armors that practically every reasonably active player possesses. Sure there is the chance to get the plus version of the epic which is far stronger but that chance is completely remote even before you consider that even getting the new epic is quite unlikely. Currently the only reason to buy chests is for the + armor you offer with a 1400 gem price tag which is a nice bonus. Hopefully you don't plan on continuing releasing only monos after you release the inevitable spirit mono epic that is the last piece of this puzzle. Go back to your mono, dual, mono, dual pattern that used to make it at least interesting and worthwhile to open chests.


    This is another minor complaint. When combining armors the game always puts epic armors at the front of the selection even when they are fully levelled and still constantly used in game. I can't see many people wanting to fuse these away so why have them default to the front of selection where a player is just going to have to skip past them every time. Just something I would not mind seeing changed, this is only a minor inconvenience.
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    Just a few short notes:

    - BIG THANK YOU for making epic fusions return epics!!! Protecting us from a further devaluation of our best pieces of armor has been one of the best improvements in the game lately, and I know many share the excitement.

    - zhanee's idea to have a separate panel in Arena where we would be assigned to random opponents just like in wars, including guild, elemental bonuses etc. would be cool. Winning these should give a considerably higher bonus. By the way, the way points are caulculated in the arena is not at all transparent to me, but that may just be me.

    - chests: indeed: got boooooring. New and good chest epics are definitely needed.

    - repeating the points of my last post regarding wars:
    a) pls improve rewards between T500-T26, maybe also new ribbons in between to make it more interesting. Getting 1 additional fusion boost or fusion stone for making #250 instead of #499 feels like a joke. In this range, every 100-150 spots should be a new ribbon.
    b) pls make wars less frustrating for little/non-gemming guilds! Reward ACTIVITY more than you currently do! That activity of a whole active guild can be completely be neutralized by 1-2 gemmers makes the whole idea of participating and actively engaging in such wars ridiculous and pointless for many players.
    c) overkilling should not be possible with the same point credits over and over again
    d) 3-day wars are a turnoff! Only jobless people, millionaires, children and retirees have enough time to constantly focus on a 3-day event. The way wars currently are (see above), they actually already start to feel that way after only 1 day!
    e) declare button issue

    - Guild stuff:
    a) Guild search: falling out of a guild right away just because accidentally pressing the "Apply" button should not be possible. I'd even consider this as a bug.
    b) in-guild armor donations should be possible!

    - Armors:
    a) the way armors are sorted when you try to pick armor for your knights during wars has been messed up a few weeks ago. Now the best armor for an element can require you to swipe through 10 pages of armors, and they are even mixed! This has to be fixed please
    b) we desperately need more armor slots, Phil's suggestion of 1 per level sounds very reasonable

    - Chat:
    As you must have heard 100s of times by now, the ingame chat is a nightmare. Most of the guilds use it only for the most necessary stuff anyway, but could you at least fix the bug that messages painfully typed into this edit control don't disappear if the display turns off or I get a phone call?
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    I have 2 features that I would like Gree to consider.

    1st - Raid Boss
    - Implement auto Critical Hit for Raid Boss. the number of clicks that we clicked during Raid Boss is way too many. Per energy we are talking about 20-40 critical hits (Estimate) and for most top players, we are talking about 2000+ attack minimum....therefore we are talking in the range of 40,000 - 80,000 clicks. We need to click start attack and let that attack continue w/o much clicking. In that way we do not injure our finger in long period of activity.

    2nd - In App Purchase
    - Recently we see 99 cents Holiday Pack coming back...its really a great offer for anyone who wants to buy gem...much better than 50% flash sale..if there is ever....
    - One feature perhaps is to be able to buy multiple pack of this 99cents pack....now we only can buy pack by pack....and it actually take up some time to do that.

    Thanks again for considering our suggestion.

    Seriously that is way too many clicks for 3 days Raid. Will Gree be sued for Repetitive illnesses....
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    "Guild search: falling out of a guild right away just because accidentally pressing the "Apply" button should not be possible".
    "Implement auto Critical Hit for Raid Boss"
    "One feature perhaps is to be able to buy multiple pack of this 99cents pack".
    I agree

    About Phill's comment:
    Without F2P ppl, there isn't P2P ppl...If Heroic Mode is in future is ruined..nobody plays it.
    So many days and crappy Epic? No way and weak newcomers gets only normal armor.
    Its kind of hook..."Now you have nice Epic..do you wanna more?"

    But I still need more options to GM...who can declare etc.

    Bug: When I Watch atm my guild members...its messed up with Medals and Donations
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    Remove super rare (2*) armors from Epic chests, add another tab in the message center for guild invites, bring back the free gem videos, add guild positions between HC and GC/GS, milestone rewards for Guild Wars.
    Retired. Guild still active and recruiting.
    Recruitment Thread: http://forums.gree.net/showthread.ph...86#post1550586

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    • Customer Support

    no reply or update after so many many repeated tickets!!!!!!!!!!

    • Game Stability & Issues

    why did you take away my 4 star amulets and rings!!! i got them using real money... i opened 52 chests, got a couple of 4 stars, restarted the game and poof,they're gone!!!!!

    Founder of Singapore Legends

    RAinbow Ruckus Arena Black Medalist

    Singapore Legends, only #1 blitz-raid guild, Chaos Knight Raid

    Number 2 Guild 47-0, War of The Technomancer.

    Member of DQP

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    Release Heroic mode already! And when will the free gems be back?
    Guild Sentinel of IOS guild Sugoi Warriors.
    Plenty of maxed Epics, just can't get a decent fire/water combo! Hate to lose but can't afford to win!

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    Still need to limit declares in epic wars to HC and above only. Same old song and dance, how about listening to the music?

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    Reduce guild wars from three days to two days please. Three days is a bit much.

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    We went from 80 to 101 on the last day because hardly anyone played. It's killer to expect people do this on a workday.

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