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Thread: Cheaters

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrisingrBoss View Post
    apparently you must be apollo rank to get it. either on ios or droid. so it makes sense that it would be going around the top factions
    Opening up Apollo rank to take advantage of it, that IS the glitch dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sstuutss View Post
    Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't naming players against TOS? I do hope all posters enjoy their bans.
    Surely you aren't going to try and say 'but thats different'?

    All good happy happy here. mods know all and know best
    Obviously you are missing the point of the posts. Ban us.....I don't believe a single poster here will complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyThePick View Post
    And by changing an N into an M then an I into an O, we have more word games.
    Putting an "R" somewhere in your name is a word game too

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    Your all a bunch of ios cry babies. Nobody cares. GREE ****ed me for a month sorting out soldier equip. This is a way to **** them back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britbandit View Post
    Stellaman gone from 14.2bil def to 46bil def. I smell a lot of ****
    My name is Stellaman, if you are going to accuse someone of cheating, at least get the name right... Now for all you eager narcs out there. If you are an Apollo Captain like myself, you can buy these Advance Assault Ships straight from inventory, just the EXACT same as we buy any other units. All of you have the game figured out eh??? Step back, slow down, breathe... It is HILARIOUS to watch so many un-informed plyrs scream of things they do not know, do you work for Gree??? Lmao

    Guess what, when Growlers came out, I bought 2500 day 1, was that cheating also? Before you comment, make sure you know what your talking about please, thanks!
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    Hey guys.

    sstuutss is in fact correct. Naming players is against the TOS. If you have any concerns regarding players cheating, please send a report of the player in game to notify GREE of their cheating issue.

    Closing the thread now for discussion of a TOS violation and glitch exploitation.
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