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    Angry How to Obtain Elite Units

    How does one increase the odds of grabbing an Elite unit? I've played every campaign for almost a year and have never received one. I see numerous other players with at least 4....do you have to purchase a significant amount of gold perhaps????

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    I'm A little bugged, I've spent a dozen gold keys saving up after 2 events, Do you know how hard it is to see those pretty gold keys and not spend them? It's like a kid at a candy store, the Anxiety is overwhelming
    But I did Eventually spent them up when the SR/UR/E went to 50% Better chance all I got was Rare units I Don't Need, I don't even use Rare 1/20 units to level XP up anymore they Didn't give me hardly anything for the 6, might as well been common,
    Now I just sell them off $5.3 mil is better than nothing (they should at least give you equal to a UC trainer) But my Lineup is so weak I can't even kill off a lvl 12 officer Tried So many combinations Nothing.
    So I just play up till lvl 12 Boss and quit It's hard to have fun when Nothing you can do helps you WIN. so I wait until the even is over Maybe I can get better troops Randomly sent to me that can help me out these few Super Rare and lvl 50 Rares just Aren't cutting it.
    Maybe If I Died Enough times the Luck will swing my way and I could Get Troops that would help me succeed....
    Thanks for reading

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