I was kicking around some ideas for a new thread and decided to give this one a shot. The idea here is to list a handful of items that would fit the topic the previous poster chose for you. So for example UserA does a list and ends the post with a topic, "3 Favorite Adam Sandler Movies". UserB then post, "1. Billy Madison 2. Happy Gilmore 3. Waterboy" and ends the post with a topic. The next poster does their list and leaves a topic for the next person and so on and so forth. Obviously the general conduct rules apply, but beside that be creative. I would say keep lists in the 3-7 range(I say this also for the topic you leave the next person, no one needs, "Rank Every Samuel L. Jackson Role Ever"), but it is totally up to you. Hope some of you find this fun. I'll get things started with the first topic:

Favorite 4 Beyoncé Songs