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    Join Deaths Dynasty (Android) Lvl 75 Guild Maxed Elemental Bonuses

    Interested in joining a fun and active guild, then come join Deaths Dynasty.

    We are a top 100 guild, no gemming required.

    Top runs available every war.

    Must be level 100 with at least 6 maxed epics.

    Part of the Rainmakers Family, which is part of the MajB alliance and 3D

    If you are interested contact either ryanmm8806, lostbluewave, or tenchiruku on Line.
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    Ashenfire Robes+, Demortious Robes, Firestorm Vangaurd, Cryptid Wargear, Ravage Shieldplate 2, Dragonborn Aegis 2, Chaos Vangaurd, Armor of the Peacock 2, Tacticians Regalia, Earthwardens Shroud, Crystal Finmail+, Crystal WingGaurd+, All Seeing Aegis, Crystal Geoplate+

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