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Thread: Bye bye poor android players

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZfodder View Post
    That's life buying those cheap replicates
    As opposed to buying products at a vastly inflated price just because they have a picture of a half eaten fruit on them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan2407 View Post
    Time to play fair and pay for your gold like the rest of us 😂
    I'm guessing this was a troll...

    Android has been broken in one form or another since it has been released obviously you don't really play on either platform because you would know that.

    Hitting map targets in missions has been broken for months, highlight the actual target, click again and something else nearby takes the hit. Or better still an invisible target suddenly gets hit. This also occurs on IOS but has been an android issue for months.

    In terms of glitches on gold considering that viewing videos has been turned off since well forever or broken it was a nice surprise to see them work granted half the time you actually did not get the bonus.

    Considering how many IOS players used the airplane hack I really don't see the point of your post(s). But welcome to my ignore list...
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    I just don't get this thread : I have iOS and Android devices, and since we can transfer accounts from one device type to the other, I did not play with my iOS ones since.
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    I agree. The thread has no point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NexusImperium View Post
    I was just going to say, as an Android player, the gold videos/offers have been working better now than they ever have. I get about 10 (legit) gold per day on average now. I think that's more than fair, so long as Gree doesn't raise event requirements as a result.

    There was a period of about 6 months starting around May or June of 2014 where I didn't get a single bar of gold.

    I may or may not have had an avalanche of them in December, though.

    I'm just glad to have a steady, legit trickle now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MATTARMAGH View Post
    Try reset Ads ID in google settings an restart game and vids
    Yep.... Still Hundreds of gold a day...

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    Thanks guys now its been patched.

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