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    Hacking in Knights and Dragons - Android

    Dear GREE,

    We, the players are facing yet another game pleasure disturbing occurrence.

    Hacking is an issue in many games, especially multi-player games. If these games are individual games, it's not so bad, as it does not influence your own achievement But with multi-player games, like Knights and Dragons, it has serious consequences for all players.

    Many Knights & Dragon players spend hundreds of dollars each week, enjoying the game and having fun and excitement of opening chests, defeating the heroic mode and participating in arena and guild wars. Showing other guilds and players that they are winning the event.

    Right now, the Top 10 in the Arena are plagued by two players playing in a way, that is under normal game play, not possible. We strongly suspect the arena is being hacked which has serious consequences for all other players.

    After approximately 200 fights, these two individual's fights drop back down to the number they have been a while ago - Basically they are gaining points without gems being deducted, or rather, with reinstating their gem counts.

    A behavior that has a bad influence in the Arena fight for all other players.

    Please investigate this and fix the game, so this is no longer possible.

    If you have further questions, please contact Phill (LINE ID "le-phill")

    Thank you,
    Your players of K&D.
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    It looks like there is again a serious, game disturbing, bug in the arena. A bug that influences my scores and gem spending. I also urge Gree to have a serious look at this.
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    I really hope GREE does the right thing and give members their stolen items back. My member sent in a complaint because of his gems and epics being stolen

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    Discussion of cheats, hacks, exploits is not allowed on the forum. If you notice an individual that is cheating, hacking, abusing, exploiting please contact support.

    Contact support with the following information.*
    • Name
    • Level of the player
    • Brief description of ToS violation or hack
    • Screenshots
    • Please make a comment on accused player’s wall to help us locate the account

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