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    Extra Life participant looking to start a K&D presence

    Hey, all!

    I run a small guild called ExtraLifeWasHere (currently only on Android), and we're looking for members. The guild is currently level 38, has 6 members, and has reached 7% and some 8% bonuses. We are not a hugely competitive guild at this point, but it's difficult with a small group that works mostly around the same time; we tend to land at Ribbon H in the events. I have a Level 50 minimum because we've seen people come in and just sit at their current (low) level, obviously becoming the target in the guild wars.

    We are a small bunch, but we're solid, regular gamers, which I think is more important than first place. We have a clean chat group on LINE Messenger that we use for announcing battle and just chatting in general.

    I am also a participant in the Extra Life gameathon and am attempting to establish a place in K&D where ELers can game together, but not all of our guild members are ELers...yet! So if you're interested in a good group, and especially if you're an ELer who can stick with us during the growing process of the guild- we're here!

    I'd also consider anyone who would be willing to start a similar effort on the iPhone platform. I do have an iPhone, but stopped playing the game on that because I already run two accounts (I have a tablet, also). I'd be willing to stop playing the tablet and jump to iPhone if there is enough interest.

    See the signature for our contact information!

    PS- whoops, I forgot the LINE info. LINE name is "UpLinked" and the group is "Extra Life Was Here."
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