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    Very simple! Want a great Maxed Guild/family? Join "DcN" on Android

    We're a fantastic group that has had last 4 weekends under rank 100 WITHOUT gemming!! Rank 98, 69, 76 and 64. Last 2 raids and 3 and 2 day guild wars! Line Chat app is Mandatory. Please add "thecismoonshade" or "vulcanmask" in Line search and either gm or myself GC will add u asap. You will Love it here. We've got a great family always having fun and doing well. We're planning a t25 run for a couple weeks time then once maxed we may go t10. No gems Required but welcomed. We do have a few Very heavy gemmers that won't leave us, myself I spend 1000 gems per tablet.. But not necessary. So come be a part of our family, 1 HUGE thing I almost forgot is that we are part of N.R. Family so we get Lotsa 'easy wars' 👍😄👍 so please don't waste anymore time and join DcN today!! 😊 our guild name is exactly as typed "DcN" thank you

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    Not exactly where this should be posted,
    you will have more luck in the Guild Recruitment section mate,

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    Nothing is impossible
    can i jond guild

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