Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago we finished up development on some bug fix builds were planning on releasing soon, so those are with our QA team now. Youll probably be seeing a lot of new versions from us - were working on incrementally increasing stability by fixing bugs and shipping new versions with little fixes instead of trying to do fewer, big versions with all kinds of stuff in them. Well make it clear in the build notes which ones are which, so you can choose whether or not to upgrade to them. (Although we do recommend that you do so!)

We also spent quite a bit of time looking into issues reported to our CS team. The goal is, as always to both have fewer issues reported and to drop the resolution time on all of them. If you continue to experience issues with changing your equipment or if you lost soldier items in the past please let us know.

Last Week & This Week

Were going to keep working on bug fixes, the expansion pack, and the bigger features were hoping to roll out later this year. Theres some awesome stuff coming.

Hows It Work: Dev Notes

I know these have come out late the last couple of weeks, so I wanted to let you know how Im working on getting them together.

If Im really together, I take notes throughout the week on things that are happening that I might want to talk about. (Im generally not this together.) Then I sit down, hopefully on Friday but usually on Monday, to write up the notes. After that, I show them to Clementine and Milburn Pennybags to make sure that theyre appropriate for the forums. (Clementine generally tells me to be less snarky. Milburn and I discuss how much information were sharing on any given issue and when we can start teasing for things like new content.) After theyve had a crack at the notes, I revise and send them out again. When no one has any more comments to make, I post them.

Ive been a bit flaky about getting these to you, and Im sorry. Ill try to be more regular with my updates.