Stra8 Outlaws has open doors, to refill the synd.
We tossed out the slackers before last war, and did rank
220 with 40 players.
We finish all events, sltq/ EB/ RB, have organized jumpers
rooms. We Are aiming towards the top 150 trough next war.
We Are Laid back, yet organized.

We Want: 🔻Teamplayers
🔻 15 k ip in Batle
🔻 8 mill in Sa
🔻 Donate 125 uzi
🔻 Donate ALL bricks ASAP
🔻 Stat increase rather Than XP
We offer: A symbiotic group
The fun of accomplishing increase together
Good organizing of group
A brick bank of 4k before battle
24/7 Groupme chat alive
Players from EU/US/ASIA timezones
Join our recruiting room for a chat