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    Hey All,

    Thanks for the feedback and for answering the poll. And here I thought it was an innocuous question. LOL

    Basically, this started from a discussion with the the support & game. When we (the collective GREE) see posts from players with questions about their account, concerns, or reporting a specific bug that we cannot reproduce. In these cases the support or game teams may need specific information. If you have submitted a ticket, then the support team has your email and your invite code in their CRM, community only has your email address (generally) .

    Ideally, we could cross reference the two platforms (vBulletin & the support CRM) however the two systems do not "talk" to each other -- which is why I created the poll.

    If it the ratio is large enough, then we(community & support) can try to make a case to get "non-game" engineer to link the two systems.

    Hope that clarifies things, as we are just trying to get information to the people who can fix things, quickly.
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    The reason mine are different is that the forum would not accept my one of my email addresses when I was signing up. I tried off and on for several months until I found a thread that said to use gmail for the forum. That worked, thus two different email addresses.

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    Why worry about this when there are so many problems with your game not working correctly, support not helping, and apple telling us you should be who we contact when missing gold while you say to contact them.

    Stop focusing on every thing except improving the quality of the product you put out.

    Kaizan up a little bit

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