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    Looking for top 25 guilds

    Hey! I'm looking for a top 25 guild. I used to play a lot in the late months of 2013 and stopped during mid 2014. I have many epics but most or all of them are outdated and I'm new to this weird ring/amulet system. However, I would be willing to spend gems for a top 25 guild. I'm very active and would like to join top 25.
    Contact me on line: destructor101

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    United States of America
    Android or iOS?
    Check out my friend's Forum: http://wolfslayerx.proboards.com/

    Average in War: 45k points and willing to do 100k and above if required or necessary
    Average in Raid: 6M points and willing to do 15M and above if required or necessary

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    I am iOS. Sorry for not saying earlier.

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    I know you are requesting for a top 25 position guild, but let me know if you are interested in joining my guild that ranks from 75-150 in most events right now. It may not be the top position right away, but you will get the experience of progressing with a great group of guys who are actively recruiting to get more people all the time! I honestly think you might enjoy the experience a little more if you played this way. We are "Dauntless Knights" on the iOS, we have a good group of active players always looking to improve! We are currently saving gems for a push, so technically we will be top 25 (probably top 10) soon! Message me on line if you are interested, my id: saucedk

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    The Blood Tigers

    We are an iOS guild we place around t100 every raid and war we have all element upgrades, we have a top 25 raid run when we have a good amount of people in the guild with 500+ gems which will only take a month of watching videos to get. Our guild is all about growing and getting stronger together we are family based guild. If your wanting to join each of you need to download the app line on the iOS App Store and message 1imot to answer questions to see if you can get into our guild based on armors attitude and having a growing attitude.

    Hope to see you in our guild
    - Tbt river of blood

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