This is one of those fool me once, fool me twice examples. I've experienced not being matched in WD and FL for having declared only a few minutes prior to the last hour and left sitting there thinking what could have been (and of course getting inf attack as my indi prize). If you have been around long enough, you know to never trust gree. Perhaps I'm paranoid, but I started my last construction two hours prior to the deadline by speeding up the prior construction. This isn't to gloat, but all of us have to remember that gree only screws, doesn't appologize, and just moves on. This is their MO. So stop thinking it will be different. Have you seen any material difference with the revolving door of paid mods and static and soothing free mods? Bottom line is spend what you would have on movies and latte so you don't look back regretting what you've spent. This is just digital entertainment and I've got no regrets myself. Play within your means and don't look back. Because if you do, you'll just keep remembering how gree screwed you for the last three years - and will likely continue doing so.