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Thread: URGENT....Cannot log into game .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weasel View Post
    Rule of thumb: the first four responses from anyone at Gree will either be misleading, outright false, or will have nothing at all to do with your issue.

    I like turtles


    wawoftam, check your PMs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heapsofblue View Post
    I was the same. Have fast wifi but could not get into cc all day on network. Yet I could get on using cellular. This is contrary to what Clementine has stated.
    To help troubleshoot this issue, can you let me know the following:

    iOS/OS Version:
    CC Game Version:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain.Torque View Post
    Thanks Clem, that is indeed a brilliant suggestion! I will forthwith dump my old phone and modem. I will buy a brand new iPhone 6 and a state of the art wifi router, and get the fastest fiber optic Internet!

    Why can't all other mods, programmers and devs give suggestions like yours? And why didn't we all think of this and do it!

    You are indeed brilliant .... You must be since you work at GREE, oh us lowly beings!
    The sarcasm has risen to a next level. Daaaaaaamn!

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