Special Battle for Empire City!

Event Starts: Friday, 1/16/2015 @ 11AM
Event Ends: Wedneday, 1/21/2015 @ 11AM

Here’s your opportunity to recruit powerful new Accomplices for your Kingpin Team in addition to winning powerful items!

Staff up and gear up to dominate the competition!

Accomplice Stats

Andrzej Wyszkowski, Demolition Specialist, ATK 300 DEF 200
Jesus Cazador, Gunsmith, ATK 168 DEF 132
Paul Armstrong, Driver, ATK 145 DEF 97
Hideo Wakamatsu, Muscle, ATK 74 DEF 110
Misha Meyer, Tech Specialist, ATK 30 DEF 68
Ruby Veritas, Gunsmith, ATK 76 DEF 50
Augustine Valero, Tech Specialist, ATK 15 DEF 11

Remember, any additional Accomplices who are not assigned to your Kingpin Team join your Mafia Accomplices!