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Thread: Russia Cycle - War, Distilled fLTQ NPCs & Walkthroughs

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    Russia building

    Is there a building for Russia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iYoungblood View Post
    This is not a recruiting thread, but just to let you know (not meaning to be insulting)- the defense on those L250 characters is too low for a highly ranked faction. The L153 is questionable. Sometimes my faction ranks a little below 250. At that rank, all 3 of those accounts are a liability. You would need to spend about a vault of gold per each of the L250s to balance out the damage taken & maybe be an asset during WD events. You'd need some other possitive characteristics & lots of activity to make it a worth while hit to a faction to carry those characters long enough to build them up to par.
    Yea, I know this isn't a recruiting thred just mad about some stuff the faction I'm in now pulled and went with a knee jerknreaction by posting this. All is cool now so gonna tak e it down . Thx.

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