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    the milestone keeps resetting . Please check it soon , Gree

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    Considering this happened last raid..i'm surprised it hasn't been fixed.....
    Although it is Gree after all so we shouldn't be too surprised...

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    Looks like it just got fixed for me but now that it jumped forward it skipped 3 milestones and didn't give me the prizes. wtf.

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    it happened to me , too . Kidtran

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    Well its fixed... but all the milestones I passed while it was bugged I didnt receive and probably wont... awesome thnx Gree

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    Same happened to me, even spent gems. Hugely disappointed.

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    i got 4 milestones in 1 shot and didnt get rewards for any of them what gives?

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    Same happened to me but in Arena this morning.

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    Happened to me, too ... really annoying, as the milestone rewards are pretty the only reason to participate in a raid, aren't they. I hope the rewards are re-calculated and reimbursed, otherwise this would be really frustrating.

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    What annoys me is i dont usually pay for gems very rarely im mostly a free player. Although i regularly place quite high in arena events but milestones are indeed a large reason to do the events. So when things like this happens it makes me rather angry

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