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We are working on trying to find ways to better communicate with users in the game, before changes are released. We know in this department we are severely lacking. With such limited "real estate" in the game, and many users choosing to closer popups without reading them, the options are a bit limited. That being said, we will continue to find ways to do so.

In regards to not communicating enough here in the Forums, we are trying to improve this, truly, and I would like to believe that over the last few weeks, the fruits of this labor has been seen. Our Developers are in here more regularly, we now have Mods from pretty much all games, and I myself am working to be here as much as possible. Please do remember that there is only one of me and all the games. We will be getting additional hands at the start of the new year, so you will begin to see even more presence.
With the owner of Gree being a very rich Japanese Billionaire, I would hope that he could hire a few dedicated forum moderators who's sole job is to answer posts. I know it's pretty far-fetched because it shows that quality and customer support are the last things on your company's mission statement. However, if you want your game to succeed, you need to address these core issues and stop making the customer accountable for all your glitches and bugs.

It would be nice if someone from your customer support department actually awarded players with free stuff because your lack of QA caused them to diminish their gameplay. All I read about is player drama and the lack of a coherent response from management, from the forums. Why would a player first starting out in the game even want to play?

Bottom line, Gree needs to take notice of other online app games and take a cue from companies that have great reviews from the App Store. What sets them apart is their customer service; something that Gree has no concept of.