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Thread: looking for a new home

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    looking for a new home

    i have 2 accounts looking for a new home. my old faction decided to merge with another faction that required you to change your name and i didnt want to change my name so i split.
    im looking for a top 250 faction that does well in fltqs and rb.

    acc 1 (main)
    lvl : 224
    att : 1.61 bil
    def : 1.22 bil
    iph : 28.5 mil
    regens 4 every 54 seconds because it has the iran nation

    acc 2 (mini)
    lvl : 87
    att : 1.05 bil
    def : 907 mil
    iph : 1.7 mil
    has all advanced unit building lvl 10 and all boost buildings lvl 10

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    We are a mid level faction with 18 open spots and possibly more... looking for active war players who are committed to growing a strong faction.

    Air defense: +20%
    Air attack: +5%
    Sea defense: +15%
    Health regen: -30%
    Ground defense: +30%
    Infantry defense: +35%
    Infantry attack: +15%
    Building output: +15%
    Ground attack: +10%
    Building defense: +30%

    Check us out @ faction invite code: 770382949

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    Are you ready to join INK...we are an active faction looking for active players. Great group of fun and dedicated players. We are all ready to help you grow your stats and have fun doing it. Must use groupme and be active. Check us out.
    Faction invite: 199 449 423
    Requirements -
    Be active
    Have Fun
    Communicate on Groupme
    Donate Concrete and Folders
    Background of Faction:
    We are a rising top 300 faction that's next stop is top 250 Join us for the ride. We finish till prestige in raid boss, finish prestige faction ltq, all days of epic boss, 9/9 frontline streak goal and are top 400 in it. So if you are an active player looking to play alongside other active, dedicated players who are well organized let me know.
    Hope to meet you soon!
    Bonuses are Maxed
    If you are interested in joining, come talk to our officers by joining the below group:

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    Come to our room below for a chat we have 2 factions so room for u

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    Top 75 faction recruiting

    Looking for very active players to join top 75 faction. Kakao used for communication. Great fun faction so don't miss out on this rare opportunity. PM me for details. Cheers

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    Enterprise14 we would love to have you



    Top 600 currently 580
    *Casualty Rate -10%
    *Health Regeneration time -30%(MAX)
    *Ground Attack +15%
    *Air Attack +10%
    *Infantry Attack +20%
    *Sea Attack +10%
    *Infantry Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Ground Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Air Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Sea Defense +25%
    *Building Defense +20%
    *Building Output +25%
    *Guild Membership Increase +24

    * Active use of the chat application "LINE"
    * Active Frontline participation
    * Participation in all FLTQ's
    * We are a family friendly faction and we expect all faction members to act appropriately


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    If your still looking for a spot hit me up in a top 25 faction and came in 11th place in last frontline

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    Join Americans United- top 200

    213 190 569

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    Holy cow...talk about hijacking a thread!
    MW: 723 733 538 / 766 013 376 / 837 581 025
    MW: Faction 48th TFW 326 189 720[/SIZE][/FONT

    Maxed bonuses: Output, building defense, health regen, all defense, Infantry, Ground Attack, Air Attack and Sea Attack.

    Try Empires and Allies...you actually get to control attacks and need to use strategy!

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