Currently Known Issues

The Development Team is looking into all of these!

  • Missing MW Accounts on Android - Please contact Customer Support if you are experiencing this issue.
  • Player PVE/PVP Rival Exploit - As reported here.
  • Bonuses Not Counting Correctly on Android - May be a display issue.

Fixed Issues

  • Recycling Not Working Correctly
  • Wins/Losses Reversed

We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available.

SUPpose's awesome thread for reported issues can be found here:


11:50 AM PST - The team is currently working on the missing Android accounts. Please note that if you are experiencing this issue, your account is not lost, it does still exist on the servers. When I have more details, an update will be posted here.

1:56 PM PST - A fix has been completed and release for the Wins/Losses issue, as well as the Recycling issue. Moving forward you will receive the proper amount for all items recycled. For those who recycled prior to the fix and did not receive all they should have, we are working on a solution. Our apologies for the inconvenience of this.

12/15 @ 3:26PM PST - New Update Posted Here: