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    Red face December Forum Moderators

    We are excited to announce that we have selected our first group of Moderators. All the applications that we received were excellent and it was a difficult choice, but we feel that our selection will continue to help make the forums a better, more positive, and constructive place to be.

    December Moderators


    They will each stop by and post a quick hello and introduction here. If you see them around the forums, please say hello! They will be joining our Moderators selected in November.


    For those interested, we will open up applications again early next year. Remember, we are looking for people who are positive, constructive, and passionate about making the forums a better place. If you have applied previously and were not selected, we do recommend you apply again.

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    Hey everyone!
    My name is 1Shot and am one of the new forum moderators here. I can't wait to help you all out! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop me a message.
    I will be mainly helping out in the crime city section of the forums, but will pop in the other areas aswell!

    See you guys around.

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    England / Essex
    Hi all

    My forum name is HellRaizer. The Gree game that i play is Modern War.. in there I'm known as 'e'.
    I've played MW for almost 3 years. I've had a number of accounts over the years as I start new LLPs and try to build them into mini powerhouses.. These days I now only focus on one account, but I am still very active in all events.

    I'm on the forum most days to catch up on any of the gossip. The forum has a great community and a wide range of experienced players, but if you ever need help, PM me and I'll do my best to assist (as a player of MW)

    I'm also involved (as many others are), within the IOS MW beta testing. This means when a new feature becomes live I may be able to assist.

    A little about me:

    I live in the UK.
    Main games console is the XBox One ..
    I work as a technical lead developer
    I'm in to fantasy type books.. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Robert Jodan, Sanderson etc.
    Films.. Pretty much anything, but love a good horror.. But it's been a long time since I watched anything that really messes with your head.. . Maybe the Japanese version of The Ring

    Talk to you later

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    Hello everyone!

    As you all know, my name is Lolsies, and I am part of the moderators here now.

    A bit about me:
    1. I am very avid about games in general, especially War of Nations
    2. I am pretty active on the forums.
    3. I love this forum.

    That's basically it. If you need anything or have concerns and questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or the other moderators in this forum.


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