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Thread: BSS recruitment message!!

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    BSS recruitment message!!

    British Security Service is a fun friendly faction that has 2 goals
    1) we are always trying to improve our position
    2) have fun doing it! In order to accomplish this we are looking for active, friendly, and team oriented players to fill open slots due to removing inactive members. So if you are an active daily player with good stat to level ratio please apply today
    last war rank 640

    Invite code: 995-209-606

    MINIMUM requirements:
    Daily donation of 5x IPH
    Active Daily player
    Participate in all faction events/wars/frontline
    *Gold use is optional*
    Current bonuses:
    Health Regen Time maxed
    Sea Attack +10%
    Ground Attack +15%
    Infantry Attack +20%
    Air Attack +10%
    Infantry Defense maxed
    Ground Defense maxed
    Air Defense maxed
    Sea Defense maxed
    Building Defense maxed
    Casualty Rate -10%
    Building Output maxed
    Guild Member Increase +32

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    this team hs no scruples and has hijacked a few other teams recruitment pages. Suggest finding a team that has honour integrity and class . you wont find it here

    to clarify.. hijacking another teams thread means to advertise YOUR faction on their page. Commenting on your page about your faction isn't hijacking it. it is expressing opinion on topic your posting on. Yes I have a faction and no I will NOT advertise its rank or anything on your page. BUT I DO THINKS ITS FAIR THAT YOUR PROSPECTS KNOW THE TACTICS YOU ARE WILLING TO USE
    Last edited by good gawd noooo; 12-04-2014 at 04:44 PM. Reason: he accused me of hijacking his page

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