A new update to Modern War will be arriving soon and we are here to provide some insight on whats coming up. We will be sharing deeper details about individual features in separate throughout the week, so please keep an eye out and check back often.

Coming Soon in Modern War v5.0

  • Bug Fixes & Improvements - We have implemented a number of fixes which should resolve most of the login issues as well as improve loading times. Please note that on older devices you may still sometimes encounter poor performance due to limited hardware memory and processing power.
  • Recycling - Clear up your inventory and trade in unwanted items for Cash and Valor!
  • World Domination Minimum Participation - Make sure to do your duty in WD events to earn sweet rewards. Participation requirements will vary based on event.
  • Open Faction Enrollment - Optional feature to allow folks to join your Faction.
  • Soldier Equipment - Overview here. Additional specific details coming soon.
  • Account Transfer - Easier account transfer, multiple accounts per device.

Finally, please join us on Thursday, December 4th, at 10am PST for a Developer Ask Me Anything to answer any questions you may have about the new features. The thread will open early at 5pm PST on Wednesday so that you may post your questions in advance.

Thank you and as always we appreciation your continued support and patience!