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    I'm Out! Kinda... See You on Social!

    Hey guys,

    As many of you have realized, I have been absent from the forums lately. The reason for this is I'll be moving completely to our Social Media pages for all games. This move is to enable players more ways to communicate with the company and put information about the games in front of more players. Yes, ideally all messaging will be included in-game, but sometimes it isn't possible. This will help us get more information out to as more players. Additionally, you may see exclusive contests or events happen on different channels.

    Please keep in mind, that means that I will not be answering any PM's, other than those currently in my inbox, or be visible on any threads. The only exception to this is I will still be popping in from time to time on the League of War forums. Additionally, the social channels won't pick up significantly in activity until the beginning of the new year. It takes some time to plan out content for 22 different channels.

    It was awesome while it lasted and I look forward to seeing you all on social! Toodles!

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    Best wishes.

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    See us

    So we will basically have no public responses from Gree for a month? Or more, until you set up a new system? More awesome service, does that mean there will be more man hours put into the personal bugs and issues department until then? Toodles... really

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    I'm A little bugged, I've spent a dozen gold keys saving up after 2 events, Do you know how hard it is to see those pretty gold keys and not spend them? It's like a kid at a candy store, the Anxiety is overwhelming
    But I did Eventually spent them up when the SR/UR/E went to 50% Better chance all I got was Rare units I Don't Need, I don't even use Rare 1/20 units to level XP up anymore they Didn't give me hardly anything for the 6, might as well been common,
    Now I just sell them off $5.3 mil is better than nothing (they should at least give you equal to a UC trainer) But my Lineup is so weak I can't even kill off a lvl 12 officer Tried So many combinations Nothing.
    So I just play up till lvl 12 Boss and quit It's hard to have fun when Nothing you can do helps you WIN. so I wait until the even is over Maybe I can get better troops Randomly sent to me that can help me out these few Super Rare and lvl 50 Rares just Aren't cutting it.
    Maybe If I Died Enough times the Luck will swing my way and I could Get Troops that would help me succeed....
    Thanks for reading

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