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    Same here ... 6 runs at the Kingdom level, not even a single FRAGMENT!
    This is ridiculous. I mean is it still supposed to be a game or a job?

    Having to do a stage over, over, over, over, over, over, over again without any success is just boring, and the little bronze bauble we get every 150th fight doesn't help to feel to feel excited anymore.
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    I think this is a direct response to so many people saying heroic mode was too easy. So now, we have less time and a riduculously low drop rate. "Punish the masses to please the few, find any way to increase revenue" - From the unfinished poem "An Ode to Gree" lol!
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    yes the drop rate should have been left alone. Think the people wanting it harder wanted to see different bosses to make it harder not drop rate going down.

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