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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdadof2 View Post
    Any chance of making the armor crafting where we can craft more than one armor at a time if we have the materials for. So it will go nonstop and we can stop it at anytime to craft others?
    Like a crafting cue? Interesting idea, Thanks! I will pitch it to the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni_Of_LC View Post
    Hello, I would just like to point out one thing about having knd back on tapjoy. Right now is the perfect time to have tapjoy going. So many players are buying Christmas presents through the tapjoy app, but are not able to buy gems through knd because of spending for Christmas. So it would be a win win for everyone to add knd back to tapjoy. Thank you. I appreciate your taking the time to answer questions. Most of my other questions have already been asked by others. And Merry Christmas! :-)
    We are working hard with our video partners to ensure you the best player experience! And Merry Christmas to you too!

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    Could you change the fusing epics so that when you fuse two epics, the most likely outcome is an epic. Now the most likely outcome is a legendary, and once in maybe ten times you get back and epic. I don't say the result must be 100%, but in majority of epic fusions! you would get an epic. Now there are so many epics, this shouldn't be hard to adjust.

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    Trading armor

    GREE do you ever think you will add a armor trading system??? I have been wanting to see that in our game for sooooo long! 2. Do you think you will ever have a new 6 star armor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordaneus View Post
    Do you guys find it kinda superfluous to make us fight a few unnecessary monsters just to make the EB show up? Seems a little unnecessary.

    And why not just make the Capes add stats instead of leaving them completely useless and adding more pieces?

    I really like heroic mode. Is that always going to be happening, or will there be delays in between?

    Also, will the monsters stay the same and drops be the same? Because there is a great lack of air armor legendary pieces dropped in heroic mode, compared to other elements.
    - The Cape idea is pretty cool, we will see what we can do.

    - We plan on having at least one Heroic Event per month. It all depends on how many players enjoy the feature.

    - We might cycle some minions and monsters sometime in the future.

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    Tap joy and free gems

    After the latest update to Knights and dragons is no longer in tap joy and the video offer button is greyed out? Just wondering why on those two

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    How many people work in QA and Support?

    I'm trying not to be obnoxious, but get the attention of Sr. Mgmt because QA and support needs help and/or a bigger budget. I'm sure the Head of QA and Support is frustrated.

    How ever many people you have, you need more.

    Every update has serious issues. Right now the game crashes every 2-3 friend fights. I have 2 devices and it happens on both.

    Is regression testing done or do you just release and pray?

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    Any chance in a store that would sell basic armor building supplies like shards for gold? With the new rings and amulets it's better but still get bored just collecting shards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clementine View Post
    Please join us Tuesday, December 9th, at 11:00AM PST for our first Developer Ask Me Anything! Please join us in discussing and asking questions about Knights & Dragons game development, upcoming features, and more!

    So as to allow those in other time zones to participate and this thread will be unlocked December 8th at 5pm PST so that you may post your questions in advance. The Developers will arrive Tuesday morning at 11am sharp and will be answering questions here for one hour! The thread will then be locked at at the conclusion of the AMA. We'll answer as many questions as possible.

    Remember any posts that violate the Forum Code of Conduct will be removed. Furthermore, any post that attacks, insults, implies insults, harasses the Development Team will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Please keep everything on topic and constructive.
    can u but top 50 a new 4 stars and dont but the same 4 star more than one war like voodoo ?

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    Thank you to everyone that participated in the Knights & Dragons AMA. This thread is now closed for new questions, however we know that now all questions were answers. Our Development Team will try and followup and answer more over the next few days!

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