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    Lightbulb Lot of suggestions

    1. Will you make future Boss Collection Keys give GUARANTEED Epics?
    2. Can you add it so that you can get Enchanted and Dark Prince Keys from Adventure stages?
    3. Can Gems be dropped from monsters and Bosses?
    4. Can I have 100 Fusion Boost Armors of each element?
    5. Can I also have a Black Chromatic Mantle Plus?
    6. Can you make the Chromatic Mantles available in Chance Chests?
    7. Can you improve Daily Login Rewards to give out better rewards for MORE than 5 days? For example, Day 14 gives an Epic or Fusion Boost.
    8. Can you make accessories that increase critical hit ratio and accuracy?
    9. Can you make it so that enhanced armors give better fusions when combined?
    10. Can you make Starmetal Armors get an even HIGHER bonus in guilds?
    11. Can you increase the number of guild Invites Guild Masters can make at a time>
    12. Can you reduce the prices of summoning Epic Bosses?

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    Last update has caused alot of problems.. The game rolled back twice costing me progress with EB. I get kicked out of game every time I access I cant do fvf..costing me progress in arena.. Gree has as usual not bothered to reply .... I thonk its soon time to end the game...

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    I've noticed as of last month Knights and Dragons is no longer part of the Tapjoy program. Will there be any indication of Gree and Tapjoy working together again?

    How do you calculate the cost of gems? As I've noticed Android can be cheaper than iOS when they're both at the same rate. Why don't Gree offer 50% off for certain occasions, such as Boxing Day or Black Friday?

    Final thoughts: it'd be nice to give others and younger players a fighting chance, without having to pay to win. I myself use and purchase gems heavily, but I wouldn't expect a child too.

    Kind regards

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    First of all thanks for the Heroic mode and the soon to be released rings and amulets....... Great job!

    I have three questions......

    1. Why are only about half of the videos for free gems working? Its very frustrating to watch a video to its conclusion then not get paid the gem for it.

    2. Is there any plans at all for non-gem events, raid, war, ect., ect.? I understand that's how you guys get paid but couldn't you do something like that once or twice a year...... just as a gesture to show appreciation for the people who don't gem so often but still support your game.

    3. Why is it that you don't put plus Epics in the Champions Pack? You're charging players a considerable sum for buying fusible, outdated and almost outdated epics. Plus Epics, even the old ones are still useful and for collectors, this would be a great way to get old plus epics we were not able to acquire through other means.

    3a. This is not a question so much as a suggestion..... could you please put a % number in the HP level up bar? This would help me out a lot in regards to planning strategies for attacking difficult levels like the Kingdom of Darkness, and using the level up as an advantage. Exact numbers would be great instead of just guessing how much I need to level up.

    Once again thanks for the updates and taking the time to interface with us through this medium.

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    Guild Challenge Rewards?

    Is it possible to implement rewards for winning guild challenges?

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    why is the castle gate off set with one banner. would be cool if banner matched guild banner

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    1) what is the actual percentage of getting a epic from the chance chests?
    2) id like to the the special do more then just a physical attack, perhaps changing with different armor. Will this ever be possible┐
    3) How do I get a job with GREE😁😁
    4) Can you guys add a few more ranks with higher bonuses┐
    5) Will there ever really be a co GM rank or is that just a rumor ┐

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    Random Fusion

    Are armor fusions completely random? If I fuse an epic from two 4-star armors, is there a penalty of any sort on my next fusions or for a certain time afterwards?

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    Questions about Game Development

    Hi Devs!! Let me first commend you for making an awesome game that i can poke around on for 5 minutes at a time whenever im free!! makes my iphone a lot more fun

    I am a college student looking for a career in video games and i have a few questions for yall..

    What exactly does a game developer DO?? Does development imply design, character writing, dialogue writing, gameplay design? Or are these functions done by a design team which is completely seperate in job and function?

    Are any developers also doubling up as designers?

    Also, to any of you who have experience in other game mediums (full console, computer, etc.) how does working with a mobile gaming medium (iPhone and android) compare to working on other mediums?

    I love Artie the squire, haha, and I love how the character Gwen is a strong, wise, and powerful leader who doesnt seem to conform to a lot of the industries blatant stereotypyical women characters. The town characters in Knights and Dragons are actually all amazing. also the themesong is pretty catchy

    thank you to all involved in making this game!! yall have definitely added a little more fun to my life

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    1- when you hire a friend you that player receive 1 gem. To incentive old players helps new and update armor according epic boss week.
    2 - expand castle slots
    3 - new construction that give you gems like 2 for each 24 hours. Like a gem mine.
    4 - new map area. We've fight against prince. Now we can fight against the queen and king.
    5 - for each 100th level above 100th you can give a legendary or epic armor besides gold or key
    6 - sell pieces of armor. Cause old players don't craft basic armor any more.
    7 - capes with bonus.
    8 - summon stone for old epic bosses could use gold too.
    9 - possibility on guild stablish goals on guilds war like minimum score, to prevent leeches earn the guild prizes without reach the goals. Goals could be points (raid and war) or victories (war). And the guild master decide if release prizes or not.
    10 - maximum hire friends increase for buy new permanent slots with gold or gem. Like I paid 2 million I can free a spot to hire.

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    Combining accounts


    I have a question. I know this is going to make some people angry, but oh well. Is there a way to combine accounts? One of my sons and I have two accounts. He has one due to a lack of memory and could not update the game and before he did the Bind account. We had to start a new account for him. Seems like a shame and waist of money that there is no better way to retrieve an account. I have two accounts because one of my devices is an old tablet and Wi-Fi only. I did not want to transfer between devices and break the rules because I am addicted and play a lot. I would just like to combine them to save some money.

    I know this could be abused and used to create super profiles, but that is not my intention. I am on a limited budget. I have two sons and a wife and we ALL play Knights & Dragons. Believe me it is rather discouraging that we never get far and constantly get destroyed by players with obviously much more money than us. This game is very addicting and expensive. Just trying to cut costs and try to move up a bit. It is hard to compete with the people spending hundreds or more on every Guild War, Epic Boss, Arena and such.

    Finally, thanks. We love this game and if there is a way to cut the costs so us poor folk can compete better and hang with top players, it would be appreciated.

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    There are some very old outdated Epics in chests. Moontide comes to mind. It's very discouraging to buy a 11 or 40 pull of chests and see one of those original normal version epics. Have there been any thoughts to removing at least the normal versions of those epics, leaving behind only the plus versions in an effort to make it marginally less discouraging and useless?

    What about being able to combine two or even three normal versions of an epic and being given the plus version in return?

    Lastly. I am pretty much a free to play player with a few small exceptions. I was given google play cards for my birthday and able to spend $60 on the game, and at the end of every year I donate 50$ to the game as a thank you for keeping me occupied for another year. Recently after the approval of tap joy by gree on their facebook page, I purchased a few items that gave me between 1500 and 2000 gems. Outside of that I live off video gems and get probably 5-15 a day on average. Admittedly I did use VPN before we were told it wasn't allowed, but the use of that hasn't occurred since probably sometime since Feb or March. After days of not getting gems, I finally got a video yesterday. Hurray! My free gem video immediately greyed out after that. Did I really just get punished for purchasing gems? This has happened to multiple people within my guild, and who knows who else out of it. I want you to know I am severely disappointed. I guess to make this a question, can you touch on the constraints on this for the community so we have an idea as to the going-ons with gem gain limitations?
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    1. I know free gems is not a high priority but is there plans to improve that system?
    2. As far as rings/amulets what is max quality? And do higher quality versions drop from heroic areas?
    3. Is it possible to add an option to hide friends in the friends list once you have fought them?
    4. I have seen many good ideas for benefits past 100 rather than the stale random reward. Is there plans to add to what you can get or a bonus for hitting mile markers like 200 or 300?
    5.when if ever will you expand the castle with more plots and are there any plans for any new buildings?
    Thanks much.

    NK Xidus

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    Have any questions received a response on this thread?

    Am I just missing it somehow or have any responses been received yet? There are several questions on this thread I'd like to see answers to and do not want to repeat them, but I cannot see any developer responses.

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    Can you guys make epics easier to get I have spent atleast 100 dollars on it and I only got 2 from fusion.

    And make more areas on the map

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