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    will there ever be a market that we can sell armors, rings, and amulets on that is similar to WoW or the steam market? Preferably for gems and we can set our own prices to set up an economy within KnD?

    Same as many others... whats wrong with the free gem videos?

    Are there any new guild events that you are coming up with? Something other than guild wars or raids?

    How do you choose which armors are the prizes for the 5000 gem spending events?

    Will Gree ever post announcements of new armors that are fuseable? Say every month post "The new armors you can now fuse are.... Blah and Blah!"

    Will there ever be new buildings? For people who have maxed out training fields and monster nests its pretty much an aspect of the game we forget about.
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    Trading system and crashing

    We all would love a trading system, maybe something just within your guild would be awesome. And second, this goes back to the April fools chest. 300 gems were stolen from me. Here's what happened, I spent 300 gems on on 11 chests. And it was during a bonanza, so I also got 3 boost armors for spending 50 gems. BUT, during the screen where I accept my rewards, the game crashed. When I reloaded the game, everything I got was gone. My gems, my rewards, my boost armors all gone. I have been sending emails since, but I keep getting the same response, we don't show a discrepancy. The game crashed and sent me back to a time before buying the chests. But my gems were stolen aswell. I don't remember which armors I got in the chest now, but I just want my 300 gems back, please be fair and return them so I can try again. PLEASE?

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    ask anything to the developers

    i want to know why you don't implement trade in KND?

    I mean that would be Awesome. To change armors with other people. I have epics that I don't want and we can trade with other people to get a better armor.

    Why don't implement new elements?

    I mean that would be awesome to have new elements like ice, electricity, light, dark. Something like that.

    Why the armors can't have more than two elements?

    I mean it would be awesome to have armors with 3 or more elements. That would be amazing.

    Why you don't introuduce new world to the history? A new kingdom or a new boss like the dark prince.?

    I mean i have finished the story. And yea we have the epics boss, the arena, the wars and the Heroic mode. But i think we want new worlds to the game. Much people want this.

    Why don't increase the stats of old epics?

    I mean there are much amazing epics that are old. And some of the new legendaries + versions are better than them and I think thats not fair. People try hard to get those Epics.

    Why new members from low levels get easy epics? Why they have higher chance to gets Epics?

    I mean thats not fair. People with high levels, people that try hard to get that high should have more chance that the new ones. I meant the only buy hundreds of gems and get the new Epics. And they are even in level 100. Thats not fair people work very hard and spent hundreds of gems and don't get nothing. Thats is injustice. They should work hard like everyone else.

    Heroic mode bosses gonna rotate?

    Why you don't increment the chance to fuse Epics?

    I meant some people can't buy gems and the only way to get epics is by fusing.

    Why you don't implement a list of the fusable epics?

    So we can know the fusable possibilities in every fusion.

    Why sometimes the free gems offers and videos don't give the gems after make the offer? And why mine doesn't work with wifi only with celular network?

    I meant we make alot of offers and we don't get the gems that not fair.

    Why You don't give a tutorial to the rings and amulets update?

    A lot of persons are confused with that.

    Why we can't fused armors with the same element?

    I meant we have a lor of armors with the same elements you should let us fused.

    Why we can't get armors wit the same two elemnts we fused?

    I meant if i have fused a water/air with other thing. I can't get a water/air.

    Why when you combine legendaries you get and epic or legendaries but when you combine two epics you have a low chance to get a epic?

    Why ios allways get the Update late?

    I meant thats not fair we have the same rights to get the update. We allways get the Update late.

    Why we can't get a + version from fusion?

    That would be awesome. And from chest the chance are very low.

    Why some GUild Wars Epics are fusable and other not?

    Why don't increase the rewars in the streak of the arena?

    How Chance Chest Works?

    Thanks You i will wait for your answers
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    Is there anything you could do to curtail stripping?

    I know this sounds silly, but I don't feel it's in the spirit of the game. Everyone wants the newest, strongest armor but among the top guilds and alliances, at the most crucial times--guild wars--the most powerful people--guild masters--often times don't suit up in the their best gear.

    Is it possible that the way points are awarded could reflect the inventory of armor available to the defeated individual? Seeing someone use only one of their knights, or one knight in solid armor and the other two in 'basic air' or what have you, kinda makes me sad.

    Thanks for all you do.

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    I just have a few questions myself as well...

    Who gets to choose the next epic boss and the element it is?

    Will the storyline of the Dark Prince be expanded upon?

    Will the Raid and War results become more detailed to include activity information? (Rewarding Members for Activity)

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    whats next?

    In the end game the dark prince makes reference to having a family do you plan on adding them to the game, like an expansion of sorts?

    In the raid events could you consider adding a way to see who is attacking, so guilds can hold said people accountable / give praise for the kill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffShannon Miller View Post
    My video offers wall isn't working the button is grayed out how do I fix this our what caused it
    Same problem. Submitted ticket, nothing happened.

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    Feature Request


    I would like you to change the font color on the + (plus) version of armor sets from white to yellow gold on the 'Choose Armor' screen. I have accidentally enhanced the wrong armor set because they look nearly identical.

    In my attached screen shot ( you see both my Resurrected Ironguard armor sets, they look identical except for the small + (plus) sign.

    But, when your in the Armorsmith, the + (plus) versions of armor have a yellow gold color font instead of white (see screen shot - Cursed Cryptgear+).

    Thanks for listening.

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    Arena matching

    In the arena tournament, I went 4 months without seeing a revenge opportunity. When I reached level 73, I started getting them. Only thing is, they are all level 600 plus players. I don't have a chance of beating any of them - even with a power attack. My question is this: How can they be fighting me? I have never been matched with a player that is lower level than I am. Have they really fought me in the arena?

    PS. I sent a ticket to support and they replied with a canned message about the leaderboard errors. Didn't address my issue at all.

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    Friendly here, your friendly Knights and Dragons Producer. I'm here with Arclite, our Knights and Dragon Game Designer.

    We are excited to be here today, and will start answering your questions shortly!

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    Hi Folks! Thank you to everyone for joining us for the Knights & Dragons AMA. Arclite and Friendly are here in the house and ready to begin answering questions! Please be patient with them as some questions will take some time to answer!

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    Corgi Rider. I'm the Product Manager on Knights and Dragons. I'll be in the wings, watching. Always watching....

    And answering questions as well!

    But mostly watching....always watching....

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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm Arclite, one of many KnD Game Designers and will try and answer your questions today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Royil View Post
    1. Are you planning for higher star armors like 6 stars?
    This is an interesting idea! We will look into it.

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    1. Will there be armors with 3 elements maybe?
    2. Can you add a world or private chat?
    3. Can you increase the chance of getting older epics when combining legendarys.
    4. What is the percentage of getting rings or amulets and does it change from stage to stage.

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    trading system

    Plain and simple.. will there ever be a trading system to be able to trade epics? If so what are gonna be required?

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