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    Red face [AMA] Ask The Developer Anything - December 9th

    Please join us Tuesday, December 9th, at 11:00AM PST for our first Developer Ask Me Anything! Please join us in discussing and asking questions about Knights & Dragons game development, upcoming features, and more!

    So as to allow those in other time zones to participate and this thread will be unlocked December 8th at 5pm PST so that you may post your questions in advance. The Developers will arrive Tuesday morning at 11am sharp and will be answering questions here for one hour! The thread will then be locked at at the conclusion of the AMA. We'll answer as many questions as possible.

    Remember any posts that violate the Forum Code of Conduct will be removed. Furthermore, any post that attacks, insults, implies insults, harasses the Development Team will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Please keep everything on topic and constructive.

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    From FB:

    "1- will there ever be a trading system? I mean trading or selling epics for gold or something else...

    2- why are gems that expensive?

    3- why isn't gree sponsering people that make videos?

    4-guardians are helpless. Can you add in the future more capes or energy packages for guilds to buy them with donated gold?

    5- are gree developers playing the game to? So yes what guilds?

    6- there are to many players from Netherlands and Belgium. When will the language "Dutch" added?"

    "Could you add an armor element selector when selecting a friend for help? It would save me from searching through 100+ friends to find the ones with just fire armor, for example. Also could you add some small circles that identify which level of the stage you are on? If you are on the 4th level out of 6 then four small circles would be lit, and two would be unlit. Thank you."

    "Is there a way to have some kind of guild bank in the future for trading armors among members? To help out new players? Also to get rid of multiple armors not in use.
    Also a private message setting for recruiting and friend chats. Not just guild chat. That would elimate other apps for chatting. Would rather stay ingame"

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    My video offers wall isn't working the button is grayed out how do I fix this our what caused it

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    1. Will there ever be new armor types to change up the play style? I.e.- Lightning between wind and water.

    2. Any chance of returning all players past lvl. 100 back to that point, since there weren't any Stat increases, and having a new section of the map open up for lvl 100 to 150? It would push players that much harder

    3. How are the match ups in the arena done, it just seems completely random?

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    Please explain more about the ring/amulet system, since it's pretty confusing.
    You have for ex. "sturdy bauble lvl 1 (common, earth): +35 def" and "sturdy bauble lvl 1 (common, earth): +49 def". Why different values for the exact same thing?

    You have for ex. "Sturdy Bauble" and "Bauble of Safety", but also "Sturdy Bauble of Safety", yet the latter doesn't have more stats than the first two...

    Someone posted on the forum that a "Bauble of Bravery lvl 1 (common, spirit): +49 atk" leveled up to "Bauble of Bravery lvl 2 (common, spirit): +49 atk". Does a high-stat lvl 1 ring/amulet need to be leveled further than a low-stat one before its stats go up?

    Could you list all the ring and amulet fusion stages? Based on research at , there seem to be at least 2 stages for each rarity...
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    Topic containing the all important armor etc. spreadsheet:

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    1) What's the highest star level of rings/amulets currently available? (2*,3*,4*?)

    2) Do rings/amulets have better drop rates in higher difficulties/ harder maps? Or is it the same % chance in relic ruins easy as it is in dark prince castle heroic?

    3) Is there any way to increase the drop of rings/amulets?

    4) When rings/amulets get placed in the chests which chests will they be available from?

    5) Do you plan on guild wars/raids ever offering rings/amulets as bonus side-rewards?

    6) Have gree employees ever been in a Top 10 guild on android, if so which guild?

    7) How many people work in the customer service side of KnD?
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    1. Why are we doing middle of the week blitzes and do you plan to change it back to weekend wars only?

    2. What in God's name possessed you to roll out 2 new things (heroic mode and the rings and amulets) at about the same time?

    3. What happened to the concept of fun?

    What you are doing is killing players off because it has become tedious and you have to play non-stop everyday to stay competitive. We are losing players in our guild because of it and you will continue to lose players if it's not fixed and toned down.

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    1. Are you planning for higher star armors like 6 stars?

    2. Are you doing something to give me my aquatic? for more info:

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    Missing Rewards

    Hi, I'm writing to you in here to speed up things as I still haven't got my rewards from Horde Raid. That's tight, THE FIRST RAID EVER, WHICH WAS MONTHS AGO. I've been sending you emails and the majority of them got ignored. The ones that do get replies are of the same response, which is "We've acknowledged it and the problem's been forwarded to the developers (THAT'S YOU, by the way...) and if eligible, the rewards will be issued based on the order of the ticket." Seriously? If eligible? I was able to give you my ranks and points and the details of my device were there. Just solve it already. It won't take too much time or money for you guys to do so and I've also used my own resources to get those points in the raid.

    My scores was 2,050,709 and my personal rank was 4,682. My friend code is XBB-WYW-HRX. If you guys care even for a bit then reply to this thread so that this stupid issue got solved FOR REAL.

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    1.) Why are updates not tested in detail? After every major update new Bugs appear.

    2.) I want to know what is wr0ng with the Free Gems Section. I can understand that there is a security system for exploiting. But i Know there are some players with disabled vidoe offer button and vanished Free Gems panel at shop screen. Which amount has the normal daily limit for watching videos?
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    Hi guys, first up thanks for all the great new content (although I'm on IOS so still waiting for rings, etc) My questions -
    1) What kind of new content etc do you have planned for the future?
    2) When will you fix the bugs? Had game crashes and screen freezes for couple of months now.
    3) in regards to the crashes, I have lost EB energy, guild war energy, Arena energy as well as lost gems from using special attacks before crashes as well as buying energy that gets lost when game crashes but when reported I was told by customer support that they are not authorized to replace these lost gems or even energy. We pay good money for gems, so if we lose them through game crashes they should be replaced.
    4) We NEED a better in game communication system. At very least for guilds but being able to PM other players would also be cool.
    5) Why is this game such a data usage monster? Forever using all my data.
    6) do you guys get sick of seeing same guilds winning wars etc all the time? Not really much of a competition, but guess they have all the money, therefore gems. Also some guilds allegedly use account swapping/sharing. (I have no evidence of this just what I have heard)

    That's about it. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    knd is love, knd is life

    Timmygammer QnA

    Sorry I am posting this late, I just woke up.
    Here are a couple I have from me and my fans. Hopefully you guys can answer all, thank you for your time.

    1- Do you gree, ever think about making SEPERATE leaderboards for wars? Ex, Beginning guilds (lvl 1-40) battle over a 4*+. Advanced guilds (lvl 41-65) battle over a chest epic and Expert guilds (lvl 66-75) fight over the war epic +?? Like realms In the raid. It's just so annoying seeing the same guilds in the top 25 every week. Thanks for answering (if you do)

    2- Will there 6-stars armors in the future and if so what will it look like, and will it have special visual effects?

    3- Is there going to be something such as 6-stars armors? if so, when can we expect it?

    4- Can I have more Information about when is the update upcoming for Rings & Amulets?

    5- How high will the X Chest go up to? 10X? 15X? 20X? (ex. Thanksgiving chest was 10X)

    6- Will there be dual element Heroic Mode in the future?

    7- Will there be any kind of armor trading in the future (between guildmates or anyone?)

    8- What are you attending to do new next year in the game, 2015?

    9- Will you fix the raid point issue? where the top guilds have negative score since they reach point limit.

    10- Why are some free gems video offers not give any thing?

    11- Why so many wars? like weekends, and weekdays.

    12- Will there be more expansions in the future for your kingdom or more different Buildings?
    -Greetings, awesome

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    I have this one question. I have been meaning to ask but did not know who to turn to. Well, if it is possible to get created some new separate server? Where just about everything and everyone will start from the beginning, a lot slower lot harder about everything and of course it's not quite possible, but without donate? ; D

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    1) What means the increasing chance of pulling an epic like "3x" or "8x", is there any accurate number or formula?

    2) What's the real chance of pulling an epic+? (for example 1 out of 1000?)

    3) Is a time of the day influences on a chance of pulling an epic? (for example it's better to open them before the afternoon than evening, or it's completly random)

    4) What's the chance to draw Starmetal fragment from Enchanted Chest? Are you planning to exchange White Kaleidoscopic Armor to something more decent? Or is it just for the achievement title right now?

    5) Are you planning to revamped the Silver and Gold Chests? (for example more gold, better pieces to craft, 2-3 stars armor, rings/amulets)

    6) Is there the Arcane Chest going to be released again? If yes, what extra epic we can expect?

    7) Why rewards for 50-X guilds in Epic War/Raid are getting worse? We had better before, Nian's+? Most of the top 100 guilds are full of epic armors and it's just a fusion fodder. Give a chance for weaker players to get something decent.

    8) Why boss collections always have an epic similar in stats to current epic bosses? It's no point of getting it, except keys.

    9) Why are we not informed about the new fusible armors, especially epics?

    10) Is there any combination of armors that might increase the chance of getting epic on Fusion Master? (left/right side)

    11) Why some countries like USA, UK etc. have more opportunities to get gems from videos/offers compared to others?

    12) What's the reason of blocking the Video Button? How long it lasts?

    13) Why TapJoy is unavailable right now? Any chances of bringing it back?

    14) Why Customer Service is so slow in answering the tickets? And why most of replies are automatic?

    15) Any plans to improving guild system? More posibilities of buying different things, not only guardians. Quests worth more than MVP, especially for maxed guilds. Extra stats for commanders or more ranked spots. Role of Champion - extra attack boost, disproportion in att/def %.

    16) Why some of war epics are fusible? Is there any trend or caprise of developers?

    17) Why armor slots are limited? What if we paid for all these armors and have to get rid of them to be able to craft again?

    18) Why "stripping" is still allowed? There are ways to avoid it... Make a fair competition to everyone!

    19) What is next Heroic Armor? Is there any order in the future? Will there be double elements in the near future?

    20) Are you planning of expanding the entire map?


    21) Is there any chance to get stolen account back? (It concerns me, I've sent a couple of tickets, not sure if I'm able to write the ticket number here...)
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    How many artists do you have designing epic bosses, raid bosses and new armors?

    Why can't we fuse two armors that share a common element? Most of the 3 star armors have spirit as an element, making them difficult to fuse to create Legendaries. Can you make it so that it is possible to fuse armors with at least 2 different elements (ie fire/spirit with fire/spirit, but can't fuse 2 mono fire)?

    Any plans for base stat increases for those over level 100?

    Can we get a personal milestone reward system in epic wars like raid bosses and arena? Either number of attacks, amount of damage done, or both?
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