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    name to armor the Demon Lord's Shroud

    name HL Demon Lord
    guild The Fearsome
    friend code XBN-PBM-PYQ

    his hand turns into the weapon that is a long blade that also shields him
    elements fire water

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    FDPEngima Entry 1

    Goblin's Trophy Gear
    Earth Spirit

    Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy it.


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    My one and only entrie

    Armor Name :Red Dragon Chromatic
    Link To My Epic Armor:
    Armor Colors: Red And Gold And Black
    Elements : Fire Mono , Fire/Air , Or All Elements
    Friend Code: WBQ-ZVX-CBG

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    the hatter robes

    my idea is basically an Alice in wonderland theme. It's modeled after the mad hatter and it's got his hat as a tea cup with the queen of hearts card as a teabag. The weapon is the spear that the queen of hearts guards carry. And it has its lucky white rabbit instead of a shield. And has a Cheshire Cat face shield.

    Recommended elements is fire/spirit

    My friend code is XBH-FNW-FYC
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    knights and dragons epic armor contest entry 1

    Armor name: Punisher's garb/chain mail
    Armor element: fire & water
    Armor weapon description: a big hammer like weapon with a thin blue handle. The head of the hammer is red around the neck and the face has a blue fire symbol.
    Helmet description: the helmet is a swirled red and blue pattern with devilish type horns protruding from the eye socket. One horn is red and the other is blue.
    Shield description: the sheild would have the same swirled pattern that's on the helmet with red spikes sticking out of the edges of the sheild. In the middle of the sheild rests a red water symbol.
    Armor description: the armor will have a blue and red swirled chestplate. The "pants" to the armor will have the left leg blue and the right leg red. The boots will have the left one red and the right boot blue.
    Armor's effect will be flames protruding from the hammer and sheild.
    Friend code:WBX-ZFY-CPF
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    Before I get into my submissions, I aimed to center my submissions around weapon ideas that haven't been implemented in the game yet, so far I have an anchor and a whip. I hope you enjoy these, but be warned as they take up a lot of space and the descriptions are quite in-depth.

    Submission 1:
    The name of the Armor: Titanic Vanguard
    A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Armor looks like:
    This armor is designed as a tank armor similar to the bonesaw carapace in terms of stats.
    The knight wields a giant Anchor as a sword, this anchor is a rusty (744138 in hex) shade of silver.
    The shield follows a kite shield sort of design, and is deep blue (330099 in hex) in color, with patches of rust (744138 in hex).
    The helmet follows the same design as your average diving helmet, the helmet is normally deep blue (330099 in hex) in color but has been dominated by rust (744138 in hex), with only a few deep blue (330099 in hex) patches being visible.
    The chestplate is deep blue (330099 in hex) in color but like the helmet, is generally dominated by rust (744138 in hex), the metal is somewhat smooth, yet it is not a whole breastplate, instead, 3 different sheets of metal are held together with the heads of nails, very much like the hull of a ship.
    The legplate is what you would find on your standard diving gear, and like both the helmet and the chestplate, the legplate is covered in rust (744138 in hex), with a few patches of deep blue being visible, akin to the chestplate, each leg consists of 2 sheets of metal, which are joined together at both the inside and outside of the knight's legs by nails.
    The boots are made of the same metal as the other components, but are covered in rust (744138 in hex), there are no deep blue patches on the boots.
    Suggested Elements: Water/Earth

    Submission 2:
    The name of the Armor: Whipvine Mantle
    A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Armor looks like: Whipvine Mantle is designed as a light armor with an emphasis on offense over defense.
    The weapon for this armor set is a whip which is coiled in the opponent's hand. (how the knight doesn't get hurt by it is beyond me) This whip is predominantly brown colored and is covered in thorns.
    The shield is mainly made of hardened dirt covered in bright green foliage, the shield also features a bright red/pink flower design that covers the shield.
    The helmet (?) features a gorgeous bright pink flower crown, the remainder of the helmet is mostly foliage that consists of different shades of bright green.
    The chestplate consists of foliage that consists of mainly bright green, a bright pink flower adorns the chestplate.
    The legs consist of bright green foliage.
    The boots and gloves are brown.
    Suggested Element(s): Earth/Spirit.

    Final submission is coming soon.

    My friend code is XBR-RDX-PBD.

    Also, do we get the winning armour as a + or just regular?
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    Ranger's Battlegear

    Earth spirit epic, featuring glowing neon green armor with glowing purple inlays, also two swords for weapons, a neon green glowing sword, and a glowing purple one too, my friend code WBM DFY BNX

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    Ninja's Raiment

    Mono spirit epic featuring glowing ninja gear, and using 2 glowing purple katana's for weaponry, WBM DFY BNX

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    Samurai's Wargear

    Fire air epic featuring glowing red Samurai armor with white inlay, and glowing red samurai swords for weaponry, WBM DFY BNX is my friend code

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    Armor Name: Archangel's Battlegear
    Colors: White/Gold
    Element: Air
    Image Link:

    Friend Code: XBM-PQP-RZP

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    Epic Armor Contest
    Armor name: Angelic Lightgear
    Elements: Fire/Air, mono air
    Armor color: White and gold
    Has a yellow aura coming off of it with gold sparks/dots. Figured it could go with the angel wings if it gets voted on Gree feel free to make adjustments to it!
    Friend code: WBB-DMB-RHY
    Only submission 1, will submit the second one by possibly tomorrow or so.
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    armor #1

    Name: Mantle of the Abyss/ Inferno Tempest Shroud
    (Not sure if first is taken)


    Type: Fire/Water

    Name: D O E Flashpool
    Guild: Dawn of Extinctions
    Friend Code : WBY-BCM-YMQ

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    armor #2

    Name: Hellraiser's shroud or Earth Dragon's Mantle


    Type: Earth/Spirit

    Name: D O E Flashpool
    Guild : Dawn of Extinctions
    Friend Code : WBY-BCM-YMQ
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    epic armour contest, armour of gaea

    guild: stoners paradise
    in game name: epics RKSP
    friend code: XBF-QBV-CRW
    my email:
    elements: earth/air
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    My armor design

    Name: Rebellion Robes
    Elements: Spirit/Fire
    Friend Code: WBN-FHY-WMV

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