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    Entry #2 Heavenly Rageborn Regalia

    In Game Name: King Havoc
    Guild: Kings
    Friend Code: XBM-GVZ-XNY
    Suggested Elements: Mono Air, Fire/Air, Water/Fire, Water/Air, Mono Spirit, Spirit/Fire.
    Description: Think about fusing Aegis of Sky Majesty and Armor of the Peacock together. You can get a light glow off the aura surrounding the Bright orange/white/red orange chestplate. The shield would be like a discus, with glowing orange amber rings. Weapon can be a hammer with a snow white head that glows amber and orange with a halo over it. It would be a dragons head, kind of like a hammer designed in monster hunter. [Search up Rathalos Hammer to see the design relation] And the helm would be a jeweled helm with sapphire gems and a halo over top.

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    Entry #3 King's Interstellar Vesture (Tribute to my guild)

    In Game Name: King Havoc
    Guild: Kings
    Friend Code: XBM-GVZ-XNY
    Suggested Elements: Starmetal
    Description: The design is like Chromatic Starmetal Armor, but the colors are Gray/Blue/White. The back of the armor has transcendent white angel wings angel wings with a hint of blue on the tips. The shield will be the same for the most part, but will have an slate color with mini angel wings spread on each side. The Helm will be like the chromatic starmetals helm but with the blue/gray/white and chestplate will be the same as well with the same color changes.

    My three entries are in. Hope everyone enjoys the thoughts!! Good luck to everyone!! ^.^
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    Oblivion Robes
    Happy holidays everybody, hope you like my armor and good luck everyone
    Friend code:XBH-XGB-PYP
    Guild:Ascending Dynasty
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    my entree!! check it out!! vote!!
    Name:solaris wargear
    friend codeWBB-PGH-WZP

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    Epic Armor

    Entry 1: Cursed WarRobes Spirit/Air
    Friend Code : WBG-WXQ- RDP

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    Black Hole Battlegear

    Here's my first submission:
    Name: Black Hole Battlegear
    Elements: Spirit and wind
    Special effect: the rocks (black dots) around the weapon and shield spin around them. The rocks on the shield also spiral into the black hole (which is the centerpiece)
    Stats: Slightly more attack based
    Description: The weapon and shield are the most important on this armor. The shield exists out of a black hole with asteroids floating around it and spiraling into it through three paths. The weapon is a staff which has a captured black hole. Lightning shoots from the blue spikes to the black hole, while the three purple gems float in between them. In between the gems and spikes there is an asteroid cloud. The armor and helmet are a blue/purple battlegear with a black hole painted on the chest plate.

    Weapon and shield:
    Helmet and armor:

    User information:
    Name: TBA Heathcliff
    Guild: The Beer Academy
    Friend Code: XBH-VMC-WRG

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    Submitting for Sarthak, who cannot get his forum account to work (see PM). His first submission.

    Name of item: Gemini Regalia
    Elements: Water / Fire

    Player's name: Sarthak
    Friend code: XBF-CVG-VXF


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton-kun View Post
    So like my epic boss entry, I will post a placeholder with some info and my current progress. Will edit this post frequently while I'm drawing! Have three ideas in my head already and hopefully, I'll be able to draw them all before the deadline!

    Armor Name: Luminous Vanguard

    Elements: Fire/Water

    Artwork: [Work in Progress]


    Description: [Placeholder]

    Friend Code: XBC-WBH-CYV
    IGN: Anton SG
    Guild: Alae Infernum
    Finally managed to get the thumbnail to work... didn't know that we could use img-tags, haha. Anyways, I'm done with my armor soon! I added the thumbnail for those who are too lazy to follow the link.

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    Frosty armor of God
    Air and water
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    Epic Armor

    Entry 2 : Christmas Slaying Gear Air/Fire
    Friend Code : WBG-WXQ- RDP
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    Aegis of Poseidon

    -Has two Poseidon Trident ,an armor covered in hard scale.Has two shark fins tht can propel like a jet
    World Alliance )

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    epic armor contest question

    My friend and I are both working on an armor together. Is it allowed?

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    second entry
    name of armor is armor of burning tiger
    elements of armor are fire and air
    describtion: this Armor is orange armor it has black lines on its body black lines are shining its one hand is empty on empty hand there is an orb and it is shining alot in red color

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    OKC Thresh Submission #1

    This is my first entry for the contest:

    Name Dragoon Warplate
    Description This armor was once worn by a legendary warrior in the Knights and Dragons realm. Legend has it that the warrior with the ferocity of a dragon was able to slay countless enemies of the Prince of Darkness from long ago. The warrior disappeared and was said to have left behind his armor hidden in the depths of the Misty Marsh. Hidden... Until now. This armor sports a simple design of plated armor with a more mobile and agile feel. The weapon, a spear, is crafted from the tooth of the Ancient Dragon Eurus. Still much remains a mystery to this armor, but soon the world can unlock its long forgotten secrets.
    Suggested Element: Water/Spirit
    Friend Code: XBF - CYZ - RCV
    Notes: This armor was inspired by the idea of having a lighter looking epic armor. This armor should probably be one with a higher ATK rating due to its lightness in the amount of armor. I didn't add a particularly heavy helmet either to illustrate that point; however, I leave Gree with the artistic creativity to create one, as well as permission to tweak my armor in whatever way they see fit.

    Last edited by OKC Thresh; 12-19-2014 at 08:04 AM.
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    gυιld ѕenтιnel oғ oĸc
    мeмвer oғ тнe ѕтar allιance eғғorт
    devoυrer oғ ѕoυlѕ
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    3 entry
    element earth air
    name : rock breaker's aegis
    description: this armor is brown armor with white parts in it this armor is defans armor

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