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    Red face [Player Appreciation Month] Design An Epic Armor Contest

    For Official Rules, please click here. If you are a minor, your legal guardian will have to agree to accept the Official Rules. Please see the Official Rules for details.

    If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at designing an armor for the game, now’s your chance! Knights & Dragons is holding a “Design an Epic Armor” Contest! Create a unique armor worthy of being worn by the most awesome of knights! The winning submission will be used to create an Epic Armor that will be released in game!

    Ten finalist entries will be chosen by Community Manager and the Development Team. The final winner will be determined by community vote!

    Contest Schedule

    • December 15th through December 21st (12 Midnight PDT) - Entries Accepted
    • December 22nd - Ten Finalists Announced
    • December 2nd through December 28th (12 Midnight PDT) - Community Voting
    • December 29th - Winner Announced

    Where to Submit Your Entry

    Please post your entries in this official thread.
    If including images/artwork, please use an image uploader website such as Imgur.


    • In order to be eligible, your submission must adhere to the following rules
    • Your submission must adhere to GREE’s Terms of Service
    • Your submission must adhere to the GREE Forum’s Code of Conduct, particularly the following points in the Code of Conduct regarding:
      - Abusive and/or Disrespectful Content towards other Players and Staff
      - Obscene, Vulgar, and Inappropriate Text/Images/Links
      - Racial, Ethnic, Nationality Posts
      - Politics and Religion/Religious Figures
    • Your submission must be your own original idea and cannot infringe on the copyrights of another individual, corporation or entity
    • Submissions must fit within the theme and feel of Knights & Dragons

    Submission Requirements

    When submitting your entry, make sure that you include the following

    • The name of the Armor (please keep name in theme with the game)
    • A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Armor looks like
    • Suggested Element(s)
    • Your Friend Code
    • An active and enabled forum account (winners will be contacted via PM)

    Judging Criteria

    Your entry will be judged on the following criteria

    • Creativity
    • How well your entry fits the theme of Knights & Dragons


    Ten Finalists
    • 65 Gems

    Top Winner
    • 200 Gems
    • Winning Armor

    Restrictions and Conditions

    • Limited to 3 entries per participant
    • Prizes can only be distributed to the game you are designing for
    • Maximum one participation prize per person
    • Final submission acceptance and eligibility is at the discretion of GREE
    • Your Friend Code must be submitted with your entry in order to be eligible to receive a prize
    • Final implementation and depiction of the winning entry will be at the discretion and final approval of GREE
    • While the contest winners will be announced December 29th please note that final implementation of the winning Epic Armor will be done at a future date and will be announced on the GREE forums.
    • GREE reserves the right to alter or revoke a winning entry at its discretion if it is found that the entry does not comply to the rules of the contest

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    Entry 1: Aegis of Achellie. Spirit/Fire
    The black and white shows better detail its the same entry

    Name: NK Xidus
    Guild: NK Massive
    Friend code: WBR-GPP-CCD
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    Entry 2: Armor of Decimation. Fire/Air
    For this the coloring would be a dark red with the shield having orange flame effects and the weapon with an orange aura.

    Name: NK Xidus
    Guild: NK Massive
    Friend code: WBR-GPP-CCD
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    Entry 3: Armored Geode Shell. Earth/Air
    Updated this entry the coloring would probably be a dark blue/white geode effect with silver and grey throughout and the spikes and blade would be silver.

    Name: NK Xidus
    Guild: NK Massive
    Friend code: WBR-GPP-CCD
    Last edited by Sean A Roberts; 12-17-2014 at 11:01 AM.

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    Hello Clementine,

    Quick question. When suggesting an element is it possible to suggest an all elemental?

    Kind Regards

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    Thank you clementine

    Thank you clementine for giving me the opportunity to participate...

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    Clementine does the winner get the plus version or just the regular version of the armor? Thank you much for the opportunity

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    Does the armor body have to look like the one in game? Like the head and body porportions and so on...? Thanks and good luck

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    Optimus Prime Armor / Optimus Prime Mail

    Elementals: Fire/Water

    Friend-code: WBV-WGR-WPC

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    dragonbuster boneplate

    Name: dragonbuster boneplate
    Elements: fire/earth
    Friend code: WBN-YXV-XCN
    In game name: DJ EL SEPHIROTH
    Guild : Darkjudgment
    Lineid: Sephiroth_jenova

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    Epic armor contest

    My armor is called the Spitfire Aegis it's mono fire element it' a black,red, yellow and orange armor

    To see image: http//
    Color image: http//

    My friend code: XBB-HFH-HYB (IOS)

    LineID: Bartelome(Pascal)

    Guild: Anzio Legio Victrix
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    Epic Armor "Earth Battle Gear"

    Earth Battle gear
    it is a earth armor with rocks around the character
    earth and spirit

    In Game Name- Deeron
    Guild-Anzio Legio Victrix

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    epic boss contest


    Element: spirit/air

    Name: Plebeian wargear

    Guild: sky legacy

    Friend code: WBN-XFY-BWH
    Last edited by skylegacy; 12-16-2014 at 08:04 PM.

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    Death God's Robes - My Epic Armour

    This is my first entry for this Epic Armour Contest.
    Gree, do I need the avatar + 1st and 2nd evolutions? I can make them if needed.

    In Game Name: BTR GYPSY or BTR Andy
    Guild: Bring The Rain
    Friend Code: WBX - HRH - ZYV (Android)

    Armour Name: Death God's Robes
    Elements: Spirit/Earth

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    Silvernail Wargear

    Silvernail Wargear

    Griffin themed armor with feathers and wings. Hooked claws on both arms for its weapon.

    Elements: Earth/Air

    Shadow Platemail

    Completely black armor and helmet with red showing through the grates in the faceguard and seams in the armor. The weapon should be an all-black flail with red highlights with a round ball and dull spikes. There should be a circular black shield with concentric circles of the same red showing through, and a short spike matching the ones on the flail in the middle.

    Elements: Fire/Spirit

    Centaur Battlegear

    Red and gold armor with horse hooves for feet transitioning into human torso and arms with one sword in each hand. Helmet has flowing plume of horse hair.

    Elements: Earth/Fire

    Friend Code: WBH-QMZ-BCN
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