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    Epic Boss Contest Entry

    Epic Boss: Fury Princess
    Elements: Spirit/Earth
    Background Story: For years the Dark Prince has kept a secret weapon in the dungeon of his castle. This secret weapon is none other than his own sister. She has broken free from her brother's dungeon and is now unleashing a fury of massive power.
    Epic Boss Description: The colors of the epic boss would be mainly brown with purple. The armor would be a medieval style armor with a helmet that has purple glowing eyes. None of her skin would be showing, it would all be covered up by the armor. Earth crystals or particles would be orbiting around the waist of the Epic Boss. Her weapon would be a sword and shield with a medieval style.

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    epic boss

    Name: lucifer
    Element: Spirit/earth
    Background story: Dark prince was so desperate of his losses that he went straight to hell and made deal with the king of hell him self lucifer. if the dark prince of afraid of lucifers strenght because no one could defeat the king of hell so he summoned his wraith upon the kingdom

    Name: shadowimpact
    Friend code: XBV-GDH-WHY

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    epic boss

    Epic boss giest
    He start as a pet to the dark prince tell he got loose and attacked the town

    My name is joker on the game
    Friends code WBB-GYD-DFP

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    template wolf

    Before long long time a glorius knight had a faithful dog, but one day there was an incident-and the dog ran away. The dark prince found him and so arise templeton wolf. He fights now for the evil...

    name: templeton wolf


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    Epic boss design

    The dark prince ordered his alchemists to create a fearsome and brutal monster after his most fearsome warrior died in battle, his alchemists fused the dead body of the Warrior with a scorpion the result was epic......
    Scorpius was born!
    Elements: spirit/earth
    Image here:
    Friend code: XBM-XCY-DVD
    Game name: HR ZWIFF
    Line ID: ZWIFF

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    DARQVoid Aegis

    Good day to all,

    here is my design. I wasn't going to make one, but my friends asked me to do it. So thanks to them i made DARQVoid Aegis. DARQ represents my guild and the rest is a cool name. I called aegis because it is a sort of dragon armor an I love dragons.

    Picture link:

    Type: Fire/Air
    Guild name: DARQ Ops
    Friend Code: XBR-BHC-ZRX
    My name: DARQ Condor

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    I have seen nice ones!
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    My Epic Boss : SUBANNAKA

    Epic Boss Name : SUBANNAKA
    Element : Spirit/Earth
    Description: Subannaka is a male creature thai is half - human and half - snake, with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a snake.
    Story: Long time ago, Subannaka was summoned by the Dark Prince as a solider for invade human kingdom. They move very fast and expert for using their claws.

    Name on game : Mooky
    Guild name : Chiangmai
    Friend code: XBG - WBR -XCM
    Guild : Chiangmai
    Line : mooky_567
    Code : XBG-WBR-XCM

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    The dragon of the East

    (First design)
    Name: Dragon of the East/Seiryu
    Elements: spirit/air
    Armor name: Aegis of the (far) East
    Drop name: Eastern pearls
    The king of the Dragons, Seiryu, has come to our realm. He heard of a great evil known as the Dark Prince, which would threaten his world, once done with this realm and flew of to battle this evil. He underestimated his foe however and succumbed to the dark forces that now posses him. The only way his curse can be lifted, is if a warrior, with hard so true, would defeat him and weaken the dark forces inside of him, so he could vanish them themselves and go free towards the realm of his own to recover from battle and stand ready to defend his realm once he must.

    Note from author:
    I'm not an artist or designer, so my drawing doesn't look that good. Anyways, I made a sketch with the general idea of how he looks: a horned snake-like dragon, with a pearl floating in his hand and he attacks with (purple) lightning. His body is colored blue by the way. If you eventually choose this one, GREE, you can make it look like you want it to look, because you guys are designers and pretty damn good ones.

    Name: TBA Heathcliff (TBA could be removed by the time the contest ends)
    Friend code: XBH-VMC-WRG
    Guild: The Beer Academy (could change as well)
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    Flame Flayer fire/air monster, the Dark Prince his lion has escaped and is now hunting the players.
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    Blood Kin
    The older brother of the Dark Prince and the true air of the crown. The Dark Prince wanted the crown for himself and prisoned his brother. The old brother turn mad from the long dark nights and torcher

    description: tall muscled man with armor plated shoulders and lower legs, uses a heavy chain as a weapon(the one he was tied up with)

    friend code: wbx-ndp-fzh
    gamer id: ziptie
    guild TETA

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    epic boss

    epic boss: the Griffin
    Story: from ancient times the griffin would love nothing more than to destroy the kingdom and take its loot!
    Description: the Griffin is a magical bird with a horses rear end and a birds body. The Griffins beak is as yellow as a gold bar and the Griffin has very large and sharp talins. The Griffin drops materials called beak fragments wich can be used to craft a Earth/Air legandary called Griffen platemail

    Friend code: XBM-GMH-QBN
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    Epic epic boss

    Zeus, poiseden, and Hades those are my epic boss options
    Zeus: made a huge mistake and was banished from olympus also if you make zeus an epic boss this will give a chance to introduce a new element light or lightning
    Poiseden: thought that zeus shouldnt be the most powerful god and they should all be equal so the got banished from olympus for his arrogance and goes on a rampage and you end up having to fight him and beat him and the characters like gwen could try to talk with zeus and make some missions for you
    Hades: was off going for a stroll and discovered your kingdom and waged war because we wanted the lovely gwen and he captures her and you have to fight hades to get her back and eventually you get a message from the dark prince saying something like "so i see you have gotten into some trouble with hades if you cant beat me the dark prince what makes you think you can beat hades god of the underworld and by the way i have teamed up with hades to destoy your kingdom" and at the end of the eb you rescue her and beat the dark prince and he send another message saying stuff like i have underestimated you or something like that

    I havent really thought what the armors look like because i dont know how to make them can some one help me out on that part just message me on kik: mrcheeks413 or line:wickedshokz

    Friend code:XBM-MBF-WBP
    KnD username: NEK KnZoCrew
    Id like poiseidens armor to like instead of a sword you could have a trident or something
    Zeus armor could have a lighting bolt
    Hades armor could have like a sword made of fire or something cool like that
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    Work in Progress

    Still drawing my entry, but I thought that I'd share what I have already. Heavy work in progress! Will edit this post with the completed image, backstory and name soon.

    Edit: I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, so I decided to move onto my next concept. This is the final version unless I manage to sneak in some last-minute fixes, haha.

    Epic Boss: Forest Guardian

    Backstory: The Forest Guardian watches over the spirits of the forest. She is a beautiful spirit who blesses adventurers who are friends of the forest. However, those who wish to harm the forest are annihilated by her spiritual magic. With her mesmerizing eyes, she has lured countless of men into the dark woods.


    Elements: Spirit/Earth

    Friend Code: XBC-WBH-CYV
    In-game Name: Anton SG
    Guild: Alae Infernum
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    epic boss contest

    This story starts with a dragon egg. The dark prince uses all five elements and fuses them into the egg. When it is born it has 5 heads each head is the color of one element. The body is got body has stripes going down from each head to each toe in the elements color. The dragon's name is Tiamat. Fighting this dragon will be a pain as each level will be different element combinations randomly. So in the end if possible the armor players craft will be random elements.
    I know this does not fit the rules of the contest so do what u wish to make it fit or use it in a heroic mode epic. It would be a players personalized armor.
    Sorry sometimes I don't follow the rules I would feed the gremlins after midnight.
    My friend code WBM-ZXQ-FCQ
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