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    Epic boss contest
    Name: Miltis Messorem (Knight Reaper in Latin)

    Backstory: Mortem Messorem was originally summoned froma the depths of the underworld by the Dark Prince. He aided the Prince but soon grew tired of his ungratefulness so he then decided to break away and lay waste to anything in its path in this world.

    Description: A dark purple/black cloak with black, purple striped pants. A double sided black scythe with a purple blade ( purple and white aura around it). White, black, and purple colored wings. And rib plated metal chest plates, with a skull w/ flaming eyes in the chest.
    Elements : spirit/air
    Friend Code: XBH-NRG-HYZ

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    Epic Boss

    Rusty was a goblin living peacefully in his home village when his family became very poor in desperation to earn some gold for them he enlisted in the dark princes army.After returning home for a break he found his village destroyed and now he has vowed to get back at these Knights for destroying Relic Ruins.He is a spirit earth type and is covered in mold.Because he has been living under ground in despair.He drops rusted /moldy coins and has a hooked nose and purple robes with crazy hair.

    My name is Isaac and I am in the Wind Riders or Rift Riders (I will be in one of them they are sister clans)
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    Way to go guys these are all awesome and can't wait to see what else u create

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    boss contest


    Once, in days past, the tiger of the blue flame was in a massive battle with the dragon ruler of the skies. As the battle raged on, the Dark Prince came across it and had a malicious idea. Using his powers, he took the two under his control and merged them together to create a creature as deadly as it is fast and completely obedient. Now the time has come to release him upon the world to create chaos.

    Type: Fire/Wind
    Friend code : WBY-BCM-YMQ
    Name: D O E Flashpool
    Guild: Dawn of Executions
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    Firspintine: My Epic Boss

    Minion: "Well... There's Glacius... uh.. 4 Ancients... 4 Celestials... Bone Dragon.... from the..uh 110 Epic Bosses"
    Minion: "Well... um... according to Gree... you need more"
    Dark Prince: "........Fine"
    Thus Firspintine was created, from the blood and sweat of the Dark Prince's minions on behalf of Gree.

    Firspintine was one of numerous dragon prototypes that the Dark Prince created. (Of course the Dark Prince had to overkill on the design, thus he made the body of the dragon boiling hot). Firspintine was a bold creature with deadly tactics and fearsome blades. Firspintine and the other dragons were ordered to go through numerous trials to test their willpower, strength, and blood thirsty attitude. Firspintine was instantly picked out as the Dark Prince's favourite dragon when he defeated all of the trials with ease. Firspintine did lose numerous limbs, such as his arms and legs during the trials, and the Dark Prince never had the thought of repairing him. The Dark Prince's warped characteristics changed this dragon into the best killing machine in the world.

    Firspintine was sent as the ultimate tool of destruction by the Dark Prince to destroy your own castle. Firspintine as of now, is locating your own castle, and he will come. ...
    Firspintine will come to your castle... and he will... destroy it.... He will take all your GEMS!...

    Body frame made out of shiny, red metal.
    Silver horns and blades
    Gray coloured stomach and tail
    Red + Steel wings
    No Arms + Legs due to an "Incident"
    Coiled Tail

    Drops: Firspintine Scales when defeated which are used the craft Dragon's Salvation
    Elements: Fire/Air
    Name: (In Game) BTR Andy (For the Forum) KnDAndy
    Guild: Bring The Rain
    Friend Code: WGX-HRH-ZYV

    (Note: At least I tried on the drawing, I did rush it a bit)
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    contest entry


    backround: when you were 5 years old, your mother got you a dog.You named the dog bones because you saw him chewing on a bone when you first saw him. You loved this dog for 5 whole years but time came and he died. Now the dark prince has found out about your poor dog and uses him against you by using his reanimation machine... but something went wrong,by mistake the dark prince had left behind the DNA of a bird and has now given bones wings,but for dark prince this benefited him because he is now bigger stronger and faster then ever before .now you must defeat him even though the dark prince does not think you have the guts to fight him.

    name: shadow knight
    friend code : wbw-ypr-nqy
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    Cool The Smoke Monster

    The Smoke Monster!- A forgotten knight, burnt to ashes by a dragon, returns to seek his revenge!
    Elements: Spirit/wind
    By MM Sookie (WBBNPQZNC)

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    Epic Boss Name: Charnon
    Story:Charnon was a wolf born from from the wolf pack called Stargazers. He was your average wolf ,but bigger. His dad got captured by the enemy pack. He went to find the enemy pack and save his father, but he was naive
    and got caught. The enemy pack whipped him until he was barely alive and blended in with the shadows. The Dark Prince was walking through the forest when he found Charnon and summoned his allies to save him from the pack in exchange for serving him.
    Description: Charnon has a gray body and tail. He has a purple collar with spikes coming out every couple of inches . His nails are red and big.Charnon has a purple glow coming from the mouth and has red eyes with purple pupils. Charnon turns almost fully invisible every 10 seconds.His special attack shows him turning invisible then getting close-up and solidifies, then attacks.

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    Sherok was once a peaceful faerie living in the forest. One day the Dark Prince happened to walk by while while scouting for minions to use in his army. Sherok instantly tried to fight him but the Dark Prince quickly overpowered her. He didn't destroy her as she thought he might but instead the Dark Prince took Sherok back to the Kingdom of Darkness. There he began to infuse her with earth like abilities to go along with her spirit ones. She grew rapidly and soon the Dark Prince unleashed her upon his enemies.

    Sherok has purple skin peeling away to reveal green rock underneath. Her once beautiful wings have fallen off. Sherok wears a black tunic dress that is torn to shreds due to her rapid growth. She carries a large war hammer that is purple with a dull green aura surrounding it. Her hair has change from purple to green. Her arms are three times the size they once were.

    YK Showdragon HC WBH GCH CQH

    Yaoi Knights
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    Epic Boss Contest: The Divine Dragon


    Story: Every dragon has it's power, every monster does too, but what about The Divine Dragon that we never knew about. This whole thing began before creating the Dragon Glacius which was a powerful dragon back then, but before him the Dark Prince was intending to come up with an even more powerful creature to finally defeat his fellow enemies, the knights of Knights and Dragons. Everthing was going well for him and his amazing "animal" But like always he put so much into the dragon that at the end not even him could control that fierce beast, he made the dragon of Spirit and Air power and then freezed him to death, but he never died, and now that the Dark Prince needs him he will be back and this time, will he be here to stay?

    Elements: Spirit/Air
    Collectibles: Claws of metal.
    Dragon color is white blue with kind of an aura red color on the claws or sticks around his neck and head, his eyes are RED and his feets claws made of pure metal. He shoots dark blue off his mouth killing everthing in his path. His chest is snow color, and finally his fangs are pure metal.

    Name: (In Game) The Reaper
    Guild: The Red Dragons
    Code or ID in game: WBB XNV YMM
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    Pathaleon- the Betrayer of Heaven

    Backstory: Once a general in the eternal war between darkness and light, Pathaleon tore through the Darkness' most ferocious entities and demons without a single scratch upon his golden-scaled armor. However, one day, his beloved family was murdered in the Battle of Aebin by the knights whom he looked to aid the most. His heart became corrupted by his anger and sorrow, which eventually led to his betrayal to the kingdom of heaven. Now, he serves under his new commander-in-chief, The Dark Prince.
    Motto: Rise against the Betrayer, Pathaleon!
    (Excuse me for creating a model on Diablo 3. I haven't drawn in years and I've lost my touch. I had to resort to other means.)
    Element: Fire/Air

    Friend Code: (iOS) XBM-NNC-RQW
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    Bleeding heart

    Bleeding Heart(fire/air) is the spurned lover of the Mammoth Rider. Many years ago the woodsman tore his own heart out of his chest when the Mammoth Rider left him for another. He now lives only with the power given to him by the Dark Prince. He destroys any enemy of the Dark Prince with the fiery power of his swift axe!

    collectables:axe shards

    friend code:XBP-PFN-MWB
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    No color in the picture.

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    My Epic Boss idea

    Berzerker Spirit/Earth Drops Antilope horns to craft Berzerkers Shroud background story: Berzerker is the Dark Princes brother he destroyes entire kingdoms to grow stronger even his brother can't match his power and his father hides to apear someday now he is coming to our kingdom to destroy what we have only we can stop him. He has a Big Axe and a sword i forgot to make them

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    name and code

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaheim Betrouw View Post
    Berzerker Spirit/Earth Drops Antilope horns to craft Berzerkers Shroud background story: Berzerker is the Dark Princes brother he destroyes entire kingdoms to grow stronger even his brother can't match his power and his father hides to apear someday now he is coming to our kingdom to destroy what we have only we can stop him. He has a Big Axe and a sword i forgot to make them
    my name is DarkSkyWolf friend code WBB-XBM-FZF

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