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    Nice job Gree! Thanks!
    Guild: World Dragons
    Line: wowo1522

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    Nice idea, thanks! Always good to see some new ideas getting into this game!

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    This is stinking Great GREE. Thanks for all so far and hope for bigger and better things

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    Epic Boss idea

    An idea for an epic boss is the Ceryneian Hind. It's a creature from Greek mythology and its a deer so it's kinda Christmas themed. Just an idea😄

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    So in on this!

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    Any knowledge on if the Design an Armor Contest is hand drawings or computer drawings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 18joaquin View Post
    Do we have to include all evolutions when creating the armor, or just final evolution? Also, may we enter multiple armory?
    More details coming soon. Please look for information on this starting next week!

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    Awesome additions to the game! We definitely needed this!
    Trust me the new update being added to the game is going to be AWESOME!

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    Very Good job Gree!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Jenkins View Post
    Everyone should get a free epic for xmas!!!!
    I agree with you Jonathan, it's very hard to get a epic, have only 2. One from the heroic event, and just fused one not to long ago, I did a fusion and got a dragonborn! It toke forever to get it!

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    Maybe epic war armor plus for top 3 position and epic war armor non plus to position 10 . After that 11 to maybe 30 usual epic. If not no body will get epic plus except for dk.

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    will Wallace 15

    Any plan to have armor trading in guild.

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    I spent over $200 on this game just hope it doesn't get boring soon

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    how do i apply for my aurmor to be in the game,do i have to use Photoshop and send it or mail a sketch(and if im mailing where to)

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    Epic Armor Contest or Legendary From EB?

    Are we going to design for a epic armor.Or the eb and if epic will it only be on chests or heroic mode? Also does the winner get the armor aswell? Also when will rings and amulets be coming out?

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