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    Red face December Is Player Appreciation Month

    December is Player Appreciation Month In Knights & Dragons

    As a way of saying thank you for being a part of the Knights & Dragons community, we have teamed up with the Game Developers to bring you a number of fun contests, content, and events throughout the month of December. This includes:

    • Design an Epic Boss Contest - Details Coming Soon!
    • Design an Armor Contest - Details Coming Soon!
    • Developer Ask Me Anything - Join us December 9th at 11am PST!
    • Free Goodies - Login in daily throughout December for a chance at free stuff!
    • New Game Content
    • Improved Daily Login Rewards

    Check this thread often for the most recent news and updates on what is coming up!

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    You had me at 'Free'. I cant wait to see what people have in mind for the Epic Boss and Armor contests, as I am starting to sketch up some of my own.

    Epic Boss Collections and now this. December sure is a fun month to be playing.

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    I appreciate you appreciating us! And I like free stuff too! 😃👍

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    Can we have a tier 4 epic for the boss collection event?? That would be really appreciated

    GoT Urmomslover(recruiter)
    HC Game of Thrones
    LINE Id tnorman78

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    Yay new stuff.

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    When do we start to get these goodies? Also what are the daily login rewards

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    Well if anyone has seen profiles pics by Az im definitely using my brain along with photoshop and illustrator to bring what I want to life

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnorman78 View Post
    Can we have a tier 4 epic for the boss collection event?? That would be really appreciated
    Lol tommy. Good luck with that.

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    Boss & Armor contest

    So when does the boss and armor contest start i defenatly want to be part of this and where do we look for more information. Thank you

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    GREE, Will in anytime in the future will you update ur capes. "New" has been
    On cape spectatular for ever an it's time to get some new ones or perhaps give the opportunity to be able to purchase old event capes such as the bat cape for example. I know myself an many others would jump at the chance to buy them but yet you don't offer.

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    How do we get free stuff and what free stuff?

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    when and where and what format

    Just wondering on the boss and armor design is a scanned hand drawn pic ok or do you need something more 3D

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    armor contest

    I already sketched up a new armor. Where do I send it for the contest

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    Do we have to include all evolutions when creating the armor, or just final evolution? Also, may we enter multiple armory?

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    Everyone should get a free epic for xmas!!!!

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