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    Exclamation Top 10 guild WAR Incorporated and family guilds recruiting

    (ANDROID) War Incorporated and family guilds wants YOU!

    Do you throw gems away on chests? Do you look at the top rewards each war and raid and wish you could get them? Or are you stuck in a guild with low activity and substandard banter? If so, join one of the big name guilds in KnD, War Inc, for the chance at top runs, better rewards and drunken conversations.

    Hot off the success of our most recent 8th place finish last epic war (we always get what we go for), we're looking for fresh blood.

    War Inc is a gem spending guild, but we have a whole family of free to play guilds you can be a part of if that's not your thing- whatever your level, we have a home for you.

    We are proud members of the 3D alliance, and have limitless opportunities for top runs. Within our family of guilds we can offer t10, t25, t50, t100 or whatever you're looking for- all based on your activity . We can also offer #1 runs to players who qualify though our alliance with 3D.

    Get in contact via the line app to sirace or pork420. We want to
    hear from you!
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    Android guild
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    Bump bump it

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    Finished #25 in the epic war. The Ancient War

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    War Incorporated just Merged with the guild Armor Killers!

    With this new merger comes a lot of good opportunities for all Players Both Gemming members & F2P members.

    For Epic War Events, War Incorporated will be the host for the Gemming Members to be able to get a higher rank in the event.
    For Raid Events, Armor Killers will be the host for the Gemming Members to be able to get a higher rank in the Event

    Both Guilds are Max Level & Max Bonuses. So Come JOIN the FUN Today!

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    looking for good guild...

    im currently almost lvl 68 will be there by the end of the day need a good guild my guild has went down hill and no1 is active like i am. trying to upgrade armors and get better armors when u are the only one active on the game. lmk if u need my friends code and i will gladly give it please let me know asap due to the guild event tomarrow

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    top 10 finish in "The Snowbird War"

    WAR Incorporated has beat out the competition again to to place in the top ten. Also congratulations to our brother's and sister's of the 3D Alliance. Four of the top 10 spots were held by 3d, including the coveted number #1 spot in which 3 war incorporated members where part of. Come and join the best. Contact pork420 or chappo123 on line messenger.
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    *Snowblind War*

    War Incorporated & Armor Killers (WiAK) hosted for a T25 run this event.
    We are proud to report that we placed #10 overall!
    Nothing is impossible when these 2 guilds leaders come into action!
    Thank you to all that made this run very possible!

    Want to Join Today? Please Apply by using the Line App and contact pork420 or chappo123!

    Hope to see some new faces join this awesome family of guilds that are allied with the 3D Alliance that took #1!!

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    It was a cold winters day in the land of the dark prince not all was well. Word had reached Lord demigod destro of death knights empire that an uprising was approaching.
    Panic began to set in amongst the death knights and realising that they were unable to muster a full battalion of knights they decided disband, hide and disguise themselves with a platoon of knights that were Bonded Beyond Time in the hope of quashing the Danger that was coming.
    Meanwhile down in the southern lands armies were gathering to launch a 3Dimensional attack on the empire.
    War incorporated Armor Killers realising that change and a new king in the North was needed sent out Lord Aaron to kill and mame and Pope Gareth to offer up more destruction and spiritual guidance to the battalion headin north to the land of #1.
    Entrusting his platoon to God Luther: Armor Killer Ace the machine Lord Donald and Jesus Gareth Set off on his quest. Meanwhile war inc devised a plan with adam, odin, aquilla and drak to unite under one banner and bolt up the southern gates of #t10 while the danger went north and conquered with the help of the crazy insomniacs and others.
    Holding the southern gate was no easy task but this band a brave warriors and drak the worrier fought with pride and honor and led by the Almighty God Luther his massive blade and with a dual sword wielding Jesus smashed through whatever came their way not allowing empire forces to go by. Lords Stalk3r, Adam, odin,THE INCREDIBLE HERK, the returning Rid****, Team SwS led by Aquila the magnificent battled to the death.
    Meanwhile further south in the land of t25 the platoon Wwwarrior a band of fighters held the most southern lines of the war were helped out by thelate arrival of Renegades to make sure that after all the dust had settled and the war was over this 3Dimensional attack was a resounding success and signalled The begining of the end of one era and the properous start of a new one.

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    Good job on Alliance

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    Apply Today!

    We have spots available for Gem users and spots for F2P members.

    Came in #1 with support of our 3D Alliance! We send thanks to all that helped make this possible!

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    im new but willing to learn the game

    hi i wanna join in your guild my I.D is WBG-BBH-RHC hope to be fart of ur family

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    *bump* *bump*

    Come join today! Accepting new applicants

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    WAR Inc is a truly great guild.
    Or who else did you see scoring over 170m points yet ??

    Get in on the fun, consider WAR Inc!

    ~ Phill
    Head of Majestic Nation
    GM of The Immortals, T50 Guild - Android
    Line ID: le-phill

    Isn't mortality mainstream? It's 2015 - Don't be mortal, Join now!

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